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In Heaven

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There are so many beautiful things in the world ,
I just hope there are million of marvelous things in heaven.

There are so many wonderful people in the world ,
I just hope there are million of wonderful people in heaven

There is just one person for me ,
I hope as well he will be with me in heaven!

This post was submitted by brittany.

I lived my life…

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I lived my life
I lived it twice
And now i’m here to stay.

At the end of the day
I’ll give up and pray
That you’ll come back and say…

I’ll love you till the end…
Even if this road will break and bend
Sweet lovers sitting under a tree
Making you please

Ive dreamed a dream
lived my life
And all I wanted to be was your wife
Oh baby come back
this ain’t no contract

Little baby’s tears
crying from a heartfelt of Fears
six thousand minuets
this isn’t enough time to win it

Cause Were Colder than cold
solid like gold
And If we break
before we awake
I’ll love you till the end
I’ll love you till the end.

This post was submitted by claire logerfer.

My Perfect Guy

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When you said, “i love you”
i believed it to be true.
so i sent the message,
it said, “i love you too”.

You called me your angel.
i called you superman.
you were like a pop star.
i was your biggest fan.

You are the Perfect guy
well, at least to me.
I truly love you,
please dont ever leave.

This post was submitted by Alli.

I’ll stop loving you

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I’ll stop loving you
when diamonds never sparkle
and flowers crease to grow
when thunder never echos
and rivers never flow
when hearts no longer wonder
and hands are never held
when smiles are only memories
and hope is never felt
when trees no longer blossom
and stars refuse to shine
when God alone commands me
then I’ll stop loving you
I love you forever and always.

This post was submitted by Allison.

Raining tears

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The rain begins to fall,
Hiding my tears of despair and suffering,
My cries of pain reach no one,
I have let myself become alone.
To suffer alone.

My tears are shed for the boy
who betrayed my heart.
For that boy that used to love me,
But I still love him,
More than he could ever know.
My heart skips a beat
And my breath stumbles,
As my will to live weakens.

I fall back into the water
And the cold seeps into my skin,
making me cold;
Inside and out.

My heart a frozen wasteland.
My soul a devastated battlefield.
I fought a war that ended in blood,
My wrists dripping into the puddles,
Slowly, as my tears mix with the blood.

My heart was ripped to pieces,
A knife sticking out my back.
The damage too great to endure.
A fatal blow.
Mu every thought,
Still consumed by you.

Only now, instead of laughter and smiles,Grief,
Pain,Anger,Sorrow,Loneliness,And a broken will.

My wrists weep endless tears,
My heart throbs with undeniable pain.
My soul crumbling into dust.
You wee my life.
My reason for living.
My only tie to this dreadful,
And tragic world.

With every lie you spoke,
The stitches you helped to sew,
Snapped,Ripped,And frayed.

With every fake kiss and smile,
My soul sunk further into misery.
Every word spoken,
Every promise broken,
Brought pain and suffering back into my life.
You were the one to patch it all back together.
And now your the one tearing it apart.

I loved you from the beginning,
Even now,At the end,
I will continue to mourn my love for you.
Burning in hell,
Or flying in the heavens,
I will always love you.

This post was submitted by Kat.

Do You Want me?

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I love your smile
*especially your dimples
I love your eyes
*how they change color
I love your face
*so sexy never any less
I love your body
*every part idc how your are
but most of all i just love you!
i love how we are
but baby i want to no the truth

I dont want to get hurt
but im not afraid
i wont let go unless you do
even so I’ll probably stay
Is it so you just want to get laid
no feelings for me

tell me the truth babe
so we can decide
how to live our lives
Without any lies
Do you want me?
Cuz i want you
look at what we’v been through
we know so much of one another
not afraid to do anything in front of the other

but babe i want all of you
i want your love
i want your heart
so please babe tell me
do you want me
all that there is
Am i good enough to show off
to be with 4ever

i want to make that choice
cuz i love you
i need you
i want you

now its your turn to be honest
do you want me?
just tell the truth.

This post was submitted by Amy RITRITRITCHIE.

Missing You

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You feel so close
Yet your so far away
I wish I could feel your warmth once more
I want to be able to tell you
How much I love you and miss you
How much I cry for you
Hurt for you
Wish for you
I cannot help thinking of you
Its like you have jumped inside my head
So that i can only think of you
I feel so empty and miserable without you
I sometimes wish I could die
It would be less painful
Then hurting for you every second of everyday.

This post was submitted by Brittney Ross.

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