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You stole my heart

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Do I even cross your mind
when you’re with her?
Do you think about me
And back when we were?
Not a moment goes by
That I haven’t thought about you
So I just sit here and sigh…
What can I do?

The day I need you the most
Was the day that you left
So I’m sorry to say
But you’re committing a theft
You stole my heart
And now I want it back
If I don’t get over you soon
I might have a heart attack

I thought I was over it
But I was only in denial
I know I’m a good liar
because you thought I was alright
You lied
You cheated
And you stole my heart
But yet my love still remains
Just like the pain
As sharp as a dart.

This post was submitted by Stefana.

Without You

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Let’s kiss before we part,
but please, please spare my heart.
Seeing you smile makes me warm inside.
Don’t let our love get washed by the tide.

Your eyes, your lips, your hair, your smile.
It makes it all worthwhile.
Dancing with you under the midnight stars.
It’s going faster than 100 MPH Cars.

Without your heart beat,
I feel so incomplete.
Without your laughter,
There is no happily ever after.
But without you,
That’s like: Tigger without Pooh,
A cow that Doesn’t Moo.
Cinderella without the missing shoe.
and Me without my boo.

This post was submitted by Tony.

Love Lessons

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She talks to me through her eyes
Her raising eyebrows take me by surprise
I put my arms around her with fear
Our heart beat was more as we came near
“Love You” – I whispered in her ear
Warmth of her acknowledgment was crystal clear
True love was rare yet we were the best pair
She was an angel just way beyond compare
Love is so good cause you learn how to live
It teaches you to understand & to forgive.

This post was submitted by Az.


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The only one that made me cry
the only one that made me smile
was the one who stood by me although the years that nobody liked me
but now there’s you and only you

why did i love you anyways?
was it your smile?
was it your eyes?
was it your lips that touched mine?
was it your jokes that made me laugh?
was it your touch that made me blush?

but then a rumor started to spread
that you would leave me and forget all the moments that we shared
is this the time time that i most feared
that i will be left alone in the dark
without no one to love me
so this is where we go our separate ways
goodbye anyway.

This post was submitted by kimberly lim.

Love is here

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You only love once
but that once can seem
like millions of months
you used to be like a team
always together
always forever
every day and night
you try to forget with all your might
but love will always be there
whether you want it or not
any and everywhere
Love is here.

This post was submitted by Rachel.

Long Love Cut Short

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Down the shore I met you
over breakfast I stared
you saw right through me
all the love I had to share

it started with a smile
and quickly led to more
dazed all the while
love was blossoming, I was sure

similarities shone through
like sun through a window
I had much love for you
but you didnt know

soon together at last
I told you how I felt
almost a month had passed
and a bad hand I was dealt

a mistake I made
I didnt trust your feelings
a dear price I paid
apart, the damage left me reeling

hurt I became
I decided to turn and walk
feeling nothing but shame
for 6 months we did not talk

one random day
a text message was sent
confused we did stay
neither knew what it meant

together we talked
things almost seemed great
but in the shadows a secret stalked
for us, it was too late

the hurt I did feel
before I called you baby
this secret was a big deal
I joined the navy
now forced to leave you
im falling apart
I dont know what to do
thinking of it breaks my heart

I count down the days
dreading the end
hurt in so many ways
but the holes you try to mend

I only wish you could wait
til im back from the navy
for if its not too late
I will come for you baby!

This post was submitted by Andrew Hopps.

My Definition of Love

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Because of you I know what love is,
It’s the feeling I get when you’re around
When you hold my hand or just playing around,
It’s when I wake up and all I think about is you
Or when I go to bed, happy because I say you,
It’s the butterflies in my stomach
And the way you say my name,
The way you talk about me to your friends and to my face,
It’s the way you look in my eyes, and never wanting to let go,
It’s more than words can explain,
And yet there’s jut three word…I Love You

It’s the way my heart skips a beat every time you look my way,
Or when I feel there’s nothing in the world that can say,
I love you more than me
You are thee best thing that ever happened to me
But hey, don’t get a big head…
I can stand on my own two feet too
I may fall, but I know you’ll be there,
To catch me when I do,
You’re my best friend and yet my love,
It’s the best feeling you can give me…Love,
Because I know that in the whole world,
Somewhere out there,
Your there thinking of me, loving me.

This post was submitted by Katie Tesch.

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