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Love Will Last Forever

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I may not always be a good friend,
But I tried ,I know.
I may always be understanding,
But honestly I’m tired.
I may accept you and your situation,
But can you give me any consideration?

Now it’s your time to gave me a favor.
Can you gave me your full attention?
Can you understand me even just this time?
So please be patient in listening to my words.

You’re my friend,
So I wanna tell this to you,
I love this man so true,
that sometimes I forget about you,
Can you please accept the truth?
We fall in love with each other,
And we don’t mean to bother.
But we really love each other,
And we’re praying that our love will last forever.

This post was submitted by syvel jay tanjusay silvestre.

Good Memories Gives Pain

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remember once you said dat u’r mine,
when i was in ur arms
ur warm breath swirled my mind,
you look so divine and my heart resigned,
looking into ur eyes filled with wine,
i saw my reflection,such a perfection!
my heart was beating so fastly,
ur arm around my waist so tightly,
i start a eyes down
u said don’t worry baby,we won’t be found
me n u n the moonlight,
when u offer me dance,i smiled
when you bring me near to u,
when we were so close,
in the silence u spoke,with no words but i listened,
u touched ur lips with mine,
oh honey!don’t u remember once u said u were mine?!
u are right good memories gives so pain
that had the power to made mad n insane!

This post was submitted by sumbal mushtaq.

As The Days Go By

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As the days go by,
I wish I could fly..
To touch the sky,
With you at my side..

As the days go by,
I wonder why..
The harder I try,
The harder I cry..

As the days go by,
They seem to get shy..
They don’t say hi,
They don’t say bye..

As the days go by,
I’ve had to hide..
What I feel inside,
To keep my head high..

As the days go by,
I believe that time..
Will give me a sign,
That you’re meant to be mine..

As the days go by,
I can’t deny..
That you’re the reason why,
My soul doesn’t die..

This post was submitted by Waldir Martinez.

Tell Me To Stop

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I don’t want to be alone in the night
I do like to stare at your eyes that’s so bright
But I can’t call you when I need someone to hold me
I can’t tell you how much I want you to like me

I just want to listen to all of your stories
I just watch you take all of the glories
But I can’t see you when you are here with me
I can’t feel you even if you’re just beside me

I would love to if you’ll just stay here with me
I dreamed of you wrapping your arms around me
I hope that you’ll just simply care for me
But you just don’t do coz you don’t really like me

I can’t let you make me feel this way
I now need to just simply walk away
But you are right there, so hard to let you go
My heart’s aching but I couldn’t let you know

This post was submitted by Fiona.

You Are Here

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Even though you’re gone,
I know you are here.
I miss you every day.
I wish you were near.

People call me crazy,
‘Cause we never met,
but you’re in my heart,
I’ll never forget.

You’re in a good place,
and I know you are.
You’re in the heavens above,
but that is too far!

I feel like I know you,
and you can understand,
I would do anything,
for us to be hand in hand.

I hold your teddy,
when I’m feeling blue,
I whisper out loud.
“I miss you…”

This post was submitted by Jozi.

After all this…

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My heart feels like its stopped beating.
The moment I saw you this is how I felt.
The first time you spoke my name.
I fell in love.
The day we shared are first kiss.
I thought my heart would explode.
I should have known it wouldn’t last.
You lied to me.
You cheated on me.
You stole my heart.
You broke my heart.
And then worst of all…
You smiled while you did it all…
The lying, cheating, stealing, and breaking my heart.
You smiled through it all…
The worst thing over all is I still love you.
I always have and always will…
I just can’t seem to let go..
Even after all this…
I still can’t let you go…
I love you…

This post was submitted by Tina Elizabeth.

What would you do?

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If I told you I loved you, would you listen to me?
If I told you I hated you, would you ignore me?
If I cried in front of you, would you help me?
If my life was an open book, would you read it?
If I laughed would it make you smile?
If I got hurt would you try to comfort me?
If I ran away would you come find me?
If I gave you my heart, what would you do?….

This post was submitted by Meghan.

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