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Love not returned is
A heart unfulfilled

A large jagged pill
That dissolves my will

My will to love , my will to care,
my will to live ,This just ain’t fair.

I’ve given you all I am
I have no more

This pill has gone deep
Into my core

Eating away this soul once bright
Full of light


Now hollowed and emptied
I remember the promise I once made,
made to myself

The promise never to love
a love unreturned

Here I am, standing before you
Sanity fleeting, chest barely beating

My heart now churns with anger hate and despair
Keep telling myself “I no longer care”

Hard to believe with feelings so strong
Why are we here, all this is wrong

This love this bond has gone up in smoke
All I am now is BROKE!!!.

This post was submitted by The O.

How u make me feel…

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You make me wanna drop
Someone call a cop
You’re so good to me
I want to get on my knee
Ask you to marry me
Cause the feeling I get when im with you
It’s only imagined in dreams
You’re so sweet
When im down you get me back on my two feet
I always thought id never find someone like you
Now I can never live without you
I always say I don’t need a man
It’s still true
Cause you’re not a man
You’re my angel sent from above
When my hands r feeling cold you’re my glove
Hold me forever
People know if they ask me would u ever
Hurt me, my answer would be never
Im so clever
To keep a man like u
Any other man
Just dirt on the bottom of my shoe
My love for you is deeper than the great seas
I know any one else would get on their knees
To be in my position
Even finding you wasn’t a mission
Hey pinch me is this a dream?

This post was submitted by saira.

Without you

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Without you ………… ,
I am a ship with no crew.

Without your love,
I am a wounded dove.

I would rather face death with all smiles,
Than see you with tears in your eyes.

Without you ………
I am the dark sun at dusk
And like the wheat with no husk.

Your face reminds me of the glowing sun
And like a sunflower,
To you my face turns.

Without you ……,
I am a mirror,
With no face to see,
Without you
I don’t feel anywhere else to be.

Without you,
I am incomplete,
For our heart chords meet.

If you are not there,
Don’t wake me up from the nightmare,
I would rather die in despair.

Never worry,
Because I am always there,
To look into your eyes
And to look after your every care.

Whether you believe it or not
You really look hot,
Looking at your face,
My heart beats at a faster pace.

This post was submitted by Rameet.

As of now

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Hold my hand,
and don’t let me go,
take me on an adventure
we’ve never been on before.

Wrap your arms around me
and protect me through the night.
show me that your love,
will get me through my life.

This was what i wanted,
But these never came true,
because every word i said,
didn’t mean anything to you.

Now we stay apart,
with my tears show a broken heart.
So say your last goodbyes
because as of now i have said mine.

This post was submitted by catherine.

I love you

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Yeah i liked him first.
we were just friends.
but something from that turned into more.
he started to like me.
he gave me a chance.
now i won’t let him go.
i talk to him everyday.
it’s been a month.
one of the best i have ever had in my life.
he is sweet and kind.
i wouldn’t trade him for anything.
i know he really cares.
i will never forget him.
when he says i love you,
your heart skips a beat
and suddenly nothing else matters.
i know he will always be there.
i might have had some regrets in the beginning,
but when i start to talk to him again
those regrets are soon gone, and forgetful.
he’s the one who is always on my mind.
when he isn’t with me,
thats when i miss him the most.
yes i get mad at him.
than he says those sweet things,
the ones that i won’t forget.
i want to be with him forever.
i will never have another feeling like this.
<3 I Love You <3

This post was submitted by katie.

You !

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I see your smile I’m taken back..  
Your features are stunning.. 
Personality isn’t something you lack.. 
I don’t ever wanna go back.. 
This all might turn out bad .. 
I might end up sad ..
But I’m taking’ the chance,
I’m playing this game, 
Got my heart on the line, 
Your making me give it one more try.
I’ll love you tell the end of time,
I’ve said it before, 
but it’s not the same, 
you got a hold on me fur sure, 
no matter what I’ll always be your baby, 
as long as your asking me to stay .

This post was submitted by Leigha Katerine Courtney .

Your Hand In Mine

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Here I’ll stand waiting for your
hand to be in mine but until
that time I’ll just stand by your

Watching your back and making
a path I’ll fight by your side till
the day i die.
Never to tell a lie, and hold my
head up high when you deny
cause there is always next time.

I’ll defend you no matter what.
Even if it sends me to heaven.
Just the thought of your hand
being in mine send me to cloud

Baby I’m hoping that you will be mine
But until that day that your hand
is in mine, I’ll just stand by your side.

This post was submitted by KKosh9.

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