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His Hugs

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His hugs are angel hugs
his kisses are tender
his voice is my melody
his eyes are my mirrors
his heart will always be mine !

This post was submitted by nelly.

Love Is A Powerful Disease

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Love is like a shot gun
you get blown away then
get right back up and try again
love is a powerful disease
that once you have it
you can’t get rid of it
you can find lairs, cheaters, players
and user, so like i said
” love is like a powerful disease
that once you have it you can’t get rid
of it.”

This post was submitted by keara-leigh adams.

Dreaming of You

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Sitting on top of my car
Looking up at the sky

Gazing at all the stars
Thinking of your eyes

I wish you were here with me
Right by my side with your arms around me

I miss everything about you
Including your touch

I love the way you make me feel
Like there is a reason Im here

I don’t know what I would do without you
I hope to never have to find out

You mean so much to me
You’re the reason for everything that I do

I close my eyes now
Picturing our first kiss

The way you held me close
And cradled my head

A smile appears on my face
As I start to remember your embrace

I finally decide to go to sleep
So that I can see your beautiful face

I climb into bed and hold my pillow close
Acting as if it is your body

I can’t wait anymore
I want to become your wife

I want to fall asleep every night next to your heart
And wake up every morning by your soft kisses and touch.

This post was submitted by cecilia .


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You don’t know a half about whats right
half of its just lies
but there must be a reason to why,
i’m all torn up inside
You use to hold me so tight
now the pictures in my mind,
lead me to remember us that one time,
in the sunshine, i lost sight gazing upon those eyes
now your with another guy
living another life deep in love yet,
i still miss you,
forgetting you i have tried
just cant think through,
why you left me behind

I cant lay eyes on the past
it hurts just to ask,
why, why we didn’t last
was is over from the very start
did i ever hold a place in your heart,
its hard to heal the scars of the past,
the marks hold their place,
we never really got far
and there’s a thin line between love n hate,
but i guess it was just fate.

This post was submitted by Reclusee.

I love you

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i feel like the luckiest person
when im with you
your the only guy i think about its true
i dont know what i did,
to deserve you
holding on the hardest i can..

you in my arms is all i ever wanted,
my happily ever after is with you,
i feel so stupid singing you a love song,
it came from my heart
hoping nothing goes wrong,

i dont know how i can explain,
my feelings
towards you
its too true

i cant live my life without you
my dreams are finally coming true
can you realize
i wrote this only for you
trying to show you
how much you mean to me

believe me when i say
words i cant explain
this is what i think
i love you.

This post was submitted by Trista Brown.

Crazy Feelings

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I think I love him,
that’s what they said,
I told them I was jealous,
that he always hung around other girls,
but he was my best friend…
I couldn’t love him, could I?
He was my perfect person;
At least, in my point of view,
but why couldn’t he see?
I knew everything about him:
much more than her,
All I want to hear him say is,
“I love you too”.

This post was submitted by Jessica.

For my love

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Everything i do is for u
everything i think is of u
pls let me know what should i do
i want u and only u

baby i want u to say yes
i want u to be mine
even if u say no
i will wait
till the very late
bcz i know ur the one, u r the girl
whom i want whom i love
i want no one else pls be mine
i love u and only u


This post was submitted by from:- AMAN MISHRA n i want 2 dedicate this poem to shivangi............the girl that i loved d most......n i keep waiting for her forever........n ever........n ever.

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