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Fool Me Twice

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Fool me once shame on you,
fool me twice shame on me,
u fool me twice and now i see,
that what we had can never be.

You fooled me once,
when i took u in,
the way we loved,
now that’s my sin.

I loved you then and love you now,
but now you say you love that cow,
i look your way with love so strong,
to think you loved me i was wrong.

This post was submitted by brittany martz.

Loving Me

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Loving me isn’t easy
Loving me isn’t a game
Loving me isn’t sex
Loving me isn’t drugs
Loving me takes courage, strength, and power
Loving me takes friendship
Loving me takes the strength to deal with my attitudes
Loving me takes the strength to tell me when I am wrong
Loving me means having faith and being bold
Loving me means being non judgmental about me and my decisions
Loving me means loving yourself first
Loving me means being supportive
Loving me means being sweet and thoughtful
Truly loving me means that you love God and he is indeed the head of your life just as he is mine.

This post was submitted by Vycktoryia Pope.

Love At Last

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My heart was pure as that of a newborn
Of love I knew nothing like a greenhorn
But fate was right to bring you my way
With you begins the dawn of a new day

I loved before but paid the cost
My love was taken in exchange for dust
And when I thought true love was lost
You drew the line between love and lust

When morning comes I think of you
While the sun looks down into my room
My love for you is none but true
My heart races to see you soon

Your lovely hands I’m ready to hold
If you promise to stay in hot and cold
You’re everything that I live for
For you alone my love is pure

When filled with grief of memories past
I think of you and they fade out fast
This new found love I pray would last
For when with you my burden is cast…

This post was submitted by idowu kingsley(antonio Zimo).

Love Is A Feeling

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Love is a feeling you cant describe
Love is a feeling that’s left inside
Love is a feeling for you and me
Love is a feeling you cant see
Love is a feeling you cant hide
Love is a feeling you cant leave behind
Love is a feeling when you know it is true
Love is the feeling i feel for you.

This post was submitted by melissa jones.

Why ?

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Your a user and a waste of my time
I don’t know why i still love you
When all you do is hurt me
Why do i care about you?
Why do i still want you and love you?
When all you do is waste for me
What is it about you i love?
When you don’t even care how i feel 🙁
Am i wasting my time.

This post was submitted by melissa jones.

Missing You Sweetheart…

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I don’t smile like I used to,
Or laugh like I did before
All I know is that my life has changed,
And now I hate it even more
Every little thing,
Reminds me of us two
Like when they play our song,
I can’t help but think of you

And when I see your face,
It just reminds me of the past
Both the good and bad memories,
Make me wish that it could last

But you don’t even care,
You just move on with each day
You don’t even take a second glance,
2 make sure that I’m okay

Every single night,
I can’t help but let tears fall
Even though you hurt me,
I still wish for your phone call

I really don’t know the reason,
But you’re forever on my mind
I try so hard to hate you,
But nothing but sweetness do i find

Why did you make me love you?
If it was nothing but a lie
I just wish that I never said hello,
So then, I wouldn’t have to say goodbye

You don’t understand at all,
Because to you it was a game
I bet in a few years or more,
You won’t even remember my name

To me it’s sad,
How I thought that it was true
How I wasted so much time,
When all along she was with you

Now that it’s over,
And you’re with her
I am left here heartbroken,
And what to do I’m not sure.

This post was submitted by Mayank Taneja.

Romeo & Jjuliet

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Allow for a show of love’s true boundaries
Something of beauty and grace
To mold hearts from love’s deep foundries
But for some, love is merely within a memory’s trace

To end love would end the world
To end the world would end her
To end her would end him
To end him would end love

Lets take a moment to think
And realize romanticism at it’s best
But now we realize there’s a missing link
For no longer, openly is love expressed

To end love would end the world

Young lovers, and lovers still in death
For love has no reach
Even with their last breath
They make love’s final speech

To end the world would end her

Lovers die when hate is around them
So stop the hatred
Allow for the end of condemn
For love forever, is sacred

To end her would end him

To lose her is to die
So die with her
And never tell the lie
That she was never urs

To end him would end love

When Romeo calls young Juliet
She cries out for him
To end hand in hand at sunset
But fate has a way to make things grim

To end love would end the world
To end the world would end her
To end her would end him
To end him would end love .

This post was submitted by stephen.

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