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Immortal Love

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My love for you
is describe as pure
in loving you
the word ”forever” is sure

I’m In love to you
for everything you’ve shown
you loved me too
for no other reason

i think this is the end
of my life’s race
death is near
and that’s the hardest thing I’ll face

i save my last breath
to tell you goodbye
but i promise
my love for you will never die.

This post was submitted by chantrelle mae vista.

The Rose of My Life

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The Rose of my Life was planted over 16 years ago.
During all this time I have watched her steadily grow.
Realizing year after year I have truly been blessed.
To see her beauty and love outshine all the rest.

The Rose of my Life has no flaw or thorn.
Blooming with love only, since she was born.
The buds have been shaped by kindness and care.
Family and friends have been lucky to share.

The Rose of my Life continues to amaze.
Every moment in time she reaches my gaze.
How beautiful and special can one rose be.
Each day I thank God she belongs to me.

With branches of blooms, too numerous to count.
Love is continuous, because of their amount.
The Rose of my Life is the Love of my Life.
The Love of my Life is my wonderful Wife.

This post was submitted by Ron Riegert.

Strong As A Child

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They’re saying to you
“You’re worthless, little child,
Useless, little child”
But there’s not a second
That was true
Show ’em you.!

Put your head up high
Be as strong as a child and fight
Right back up to them.

Don’t ever let someone older than you
Tell you you’re a mistake
Hold your chin up and don’t take
Don’t take the words they say
I promise it’s not true
Be as strong as a child,
You’ll know what to do.

You may look at your reflection
and say “What should I live for?”
And you may not be perfect
But as humans be
You, are perfect to somebody.

This post was submitted by Amber Lee.


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Of all of the places
I know I could start
I’d start with your warmth
And the beat of your heart

The race of your touch
The smell of your skin
For all of the places
Everywhere we have been

And if heavens gates
Were sudden to close
I’d crash through the hell
With a force no one knows

I’d reach for your hand
Amid burning fire
And look into your eyes
So full of desire

Together as one
we put the whole world to shame
For you are my ember
My fire, my flame.

This post was submitted by Damian.

Love Is Like

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Love is like a lump of gold,
Hard to get, and hard to hold.
Of all the girls I’ve ever met,
You’re the one I can’t forget.
I do believe that God above,
Created you for me to love.
He chose you from all the rest,
Because he knew I would love you best.

This post was submitted by Emery.

Our First

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First the beginning
Explosive perpetual experience
Obliterated all fears

First the beginning
The beginning of realizations
The beginning of inclinations
The beginning of in habitation

Your arms my refuge
Your chest my sacred place
A place only I occupy
A place for my tears

Living in solitude no more
Living in your world
You in mine
You and I no more,but us

It became our first
Our first conversation
Our first moment
Our first kiss.

This post was submitted by agrinette tintsoalo baloyi.

Another Love Poem

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The hardest thing in life is love,
It makes you wonder but it’s not enough,
We say we’ll be together until the end,
But truth is you left me just around the bend.

You don’t know what you did,
You don’t know how much it hurt,
I loved you like no other,
But in the end your feelings changed,

You just left me there with nothing,
I felt like a bird with no wings,
I didn’t know what to do,
I didn’t know where or who to go to,
All I know is I’ll always love you.

This post was submitted by Daniel Hoey.

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