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Waiting On Love

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Waiting on Love,
Look Above,
Waiting For Him,
To Come Along,
I Wonder What Went Wrong?
How Did I Lose Everything,
I Lost Him, I Need Him,
Can I Have Him?

This post was submitted by Hannah Genest.


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I knew it was going to be difficult
Especially for me
I’m trying to forget about you
But you keep on reappearing
You say you just want to be friends
But I can’t even handle that
Just seeing you walk away
Is enough to make me go crazy
The day that you say goodbye
It pushes me to cry
Only one question is going through my mind
Why do are you making me suffer?

This post was submitted by Jazzy Garcia.

Love You

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I love you my dear, I miss you my dear
Days are long n nights are longer
Time stops every time my mind starts to wonder

I love you my love, I miss you my love
Flower and sky
Or the birds flying high
Nothing seems right
Though sunny & bright

I miss you my love, I really miss you my love
Faith in my heart
& hope in my eye
Keep waiting for the day
That will bring us close by

I am sure you are my love,
I am sure we will come close my love.

This post was submitted by Maaru.

The Words From A Liar

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Let the moon come and go,
But there’s one thing you should know,
That through all pain and strife
I will continue to love you
Till the end of my life

Let the stars rise and fall
But know I’ll be there through it all
When it seem life lost hope
I will help you cope
Let the world run us by
As it does, when I look into your eyes

But when it’s dark tonight
And you can’t see the stars
I will lead you to their light

Let the moon come and go
But there is one more thing you should know
That no matter what you do
I’ll stay the same always
And always love you.

This post was submitted by Timothy Moss.

Selfish Creed

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Life won’t be the same again,
The sun’s rays won’t be as bright as before.
There’s emptiness in my being and nothing can fill the gap,
Though smiles are drawn in my lips,
They won’t be as sweet as they used to be.

I put up a strong facade,
Trying to be tough and firm in others’ sight.
But my deafening sobs echo during the darkest nights,
Haunted by your memories that linger in my mind.

I long for you but I must deny,
This feeling isn’t right even from the start.
I am fooling myself, trying to hold on a fragile hope,
But soon, everything will break loose,
And nothing will be left but a broken soul.

If only wishes come true,
I’ll run to you and hold you tight.
Not minding my past, no looking back,
I will sit still next to your heart.
But this is such a selfish creed.

You and I, will end so soon,
Leaving me behind lost and alone.
No one can mend my broken heart,
Because it’s only you I need all along…..

This post was submitted by Maureen.

The Beauty

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Back in the interiors of the crosswalk
The succession of the blissful scenes
On the walls of the word beautiful
stood an angel in the form of flesh
Her smile as lovely as the lilies in autumn
Her eyes glimmer in the colors of gold
I saw the contours of her body
The pride and priceless velvet skin
I swear the look on her face could move mountains
A feel of her touch and you’ll be nowhere but next to paradise
I wanted to hold her close
But she was so far away
Yet I feared neither distance nor time
For her image was just an inch away
I call her a star in my universe
The living of my nights
The glitters of my day
She is all that matters and still is
The beauty in me.

This post was submitted by Michael Femi damilola.

It Hurts

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It hurts when you know its over
When you wake up and find out your idol of joy is gone
When you can’t work with all vim and vigor anymore
All because you lost a heart to another
Its like the world is crushing down on you
Like the arrows that sphere up the world are headed in your direction
You fall when the ground has no space for you
You cry when all faces are smiling at you
It really hurts when its over
Especially when you lose someone you LOVE
It really hurts.

This post was submitted by Michael Femi damilola.

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