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Sad Love

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In my world I let it shine
Because in it, you are mine
I don’t know what
you think of me
but what i think
is what it could be.
So puzzled inside
I want to hide
everything I think about.
But when time comes
I will shout with my last breathe!
“P.S. I Loved You”.

This post was submitted by BobCat.

The memories from the past

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The memories from the past
are still fond and clear,
the pain inside is killing me,
i can´t resist you no more..

i wanna make things better,if i could
i wanna love you as i could,if i could
i wanna hug and never let you go,if i could
i wanna hold you and never go,if i could

Baby i love you,and i miss you,
i´m sick of it, i´m so sick of it
i wanna hold your hands again,
i wanna feel your touch again
if i could,but i could´nt

Baby i miss you,
if i could fly here from you i would,
Baby this long distance is killing me,
i can´t wait to see you again.
Apz i love you with all my hypothalamus.

This post was submitted by elaika.

Forever and Always

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Never leaving my thoughts no matter
how far you travel, or how long you’re gone.
Be safe in your excursions and never forget
the way we held each other close,
the way we loved each other so.
Remember the crazy times.
Remember the sad, remember the bad.
How we made each other happy
and the laughter we shared,
even in the hardest of times.
When you’re saving lives, think about
the home you have to come back to,
the love that keeps you going.
Never regret leaving to fight for your country.
You are the most stubborn and determined man
and I love you for every thing you are.
You can’t forget about all you’ve worked for.
Fight your hardest and remember,
I will be here loving and waiting for you.
No matter how being there changes you
I will love you to no end.
That i know will never change.
Be mine forever and always.

This post was submitted by Alayne.

Oh darling

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Oh darling
I want to love you,
oh my love, i want to love you.
I want to know how it feels to feel love.
We should just wait it out with eels.
Just wait to have that electric feel,
just wait to have that feeling of love,
just make sure to bring your glove,
and baby dont shove, its only the first time.
Yeah, lets just take out the wine and i’ll say:
baby, your on my mind but i want you on my body.
But, lets just not do it in lobby and make it a hobby.
I want to love you,
I want to be yours forever.
I want be your PAC-women.
Lets make a PAC,
I’ll be your PAC-queen,
you’ll be my PAC-king.
oh, i dont want to be free.
I want us to always be.
We can even make a family tree.
sike! Maybe later because we are only teens.
Babe, I want to be trapped in your maze and never get out.
oh, my darling, i really love you.
I know how it feels now
no need to ask how
no way to tell how.
all i can say is wow.

This post was submitted by nelly.

Silence in the night

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Listening to the silence,
whispering through the darkness.
shadows of gray walls, creep in closer.
tears coming with heavy sorrow.
oblivious to what may be, reaching out to you quietly.
becoming deeper by the hour, finding out what is.
consuming me for all i have.
realizing for the time, you will not come.
Broken inside, tormented by your presence.
Having no escape.
Waiting for hope, wanting truth behind your words.
knowing in the end i have lost, because i love you.

This post was submitted by KjC.

No more

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I can’t explain the thoughts in my mind,
that night you said you were walking out my life.

Went through my heart like a knife,
to think that I would no longer be your wife.
Wiping my tears through the pain and strife.

Not knowing what it would be like,
to wake up and not have my light.

No sweet love anymore, no one to adore.
You could have killed me if you would have walked out the door.

As if I was shot I would have hit the floor,
heart sore to the core.
To have love no more.

This post was submitted by Cassondra Aldridge.

Just you and me

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The streets are dim and the lights are bare,
the sky was dark as in a stormy stare.
my heart was racing more than I can bare,
we are walking on the streets.
Just you and me.
The stars are dim as the sky storms dark,
suddenly a beam lit up the horizon,
and dims just as quick.
leaving ,
just you and me..
You talked and I laughed,
than you left and I became a fad.
Standing alone as if trapped in a dark dark cast
thinking of ,
just you and me.

This post was submitted by Christina .

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