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My Love…
The loving words
the promise of love…

My love…
The serious yet
the kidding voice…

My love…
The waiting and
the arrival…

My love…
The visit and
the perfume…

My love…
Where are you now?
Where are the promises?
Where’s the serious yet
comical voice?


This post was submitted by KATHYRN GONATO.

Juliet and Romeo

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I am that Juliet

passionate,naive yet courageous.

When the night falls and the moon is full

I seek for my Romeo.

My forbidden Romeo.

The one that makes me break the rules

and be rebellious.

The one that can make all my senses come alive at once.

Lets take a chance

and face the world!

Lets feel lust

lets feel passion

explore every cell in our bodies

until the moment dies, and we rest in peace.

This post was submitted by Pilar Davila.


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It’s the time
to take wine,
It’s the time
to feel fine……..

Take the girls to floor,
have some fun more…
It’s the time to party,
to be naughty and dirty…

Raise up your bear jug,
have some tight hug…
It’s the time to dance,
do some romance

Don’t be fear,
with you always there…
Don’t be in tear,
I love you oh my dear…

Our love will shine,
and you will be mine forever, forever….

This post was submitted by RAJAT.


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Dream a Dream,
guided by angels eyes
Love a love,
for Love alone survives
Love the Dream,
the Dream that never dies
and Dream of Love,
a Love that never Lies

This post was submitted by Ashlie Chandler.

Broken Heart

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In anger, yearning, indignation
Wounded in my soul,
I have no life……..Struggle…. for her,
Alone I live, but what a life !…..
O, what a bitter life it is !
How Stingily she measures out the air of me
Less generous than to a mortal foe
Oh, drawing breath is diffcult and painful,
I can still breathe, but i can live no more
In this fateful hours of Mine –
While she feast upon the majestic life
and drank immortal life
Here at a meagre heart
Disrup the lifeless, eerie hush
Soul declines to sing in chorus?
The blood may thin within Veins
Hold back Hold back, O dying day
Or chance upon a radiant dream !…..
To catch the sent of blooming lilac
But life…. life slowly ebbs….. I can’t wardoff death.

This post was submitted by Santosh.


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Wistful a charm, a tenderness
Mysterious and soft,
To hear her voice, its warm and merry platter
Softly she say , O how much i love you
O how much i love you, you loved…….
To love so well none ever durst….
Then, even such love fades, to be it ceases…
To watch you lie to my face! How did my heart not burst,
The breakers strike blow after blow
Not break, O God into a thousand pieces
Lies veiled and bleak, the sun’s departure mournings
Lights a sufferer’s face and that is born
Of the god like pride of anguish
Like a gusty winds with sudden anger rise
Out the depths the sky stares, strange and boundless
A fathomless and fiery pit.
In passion’s savage blindness
She callously destroy’s my life.

This post was submitted by Santosh.

I Want Your Heart

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Girl i dont want your body, I want your heart.
I’ve wanted it from the moment we considered us a start.

I want there to be deep feelings that me and you only feel,
Something special no one has, a bond, a seal.

The idea of me and you against the world I wish,
I yearn for the day that we get to feel our first kiss.

I want to show you how much I care for you, and I will,
I just hope you feel the same way instead of thinking ill.

I hope you get hooked and the line doesnt break threw,
There’s alot of fish in the sea and i’d be glad to catch you.

I’ll make you the worlds happiest girl on a couple of conditions,
Dont lie, dont cheat, sit down and talk when i need someone to listen.

This post was submitted by Jerad Sassman.

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