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Our life is a kaleidoscope of happy moments.
A rainbow of many colors.
A basket filled with sweet dreams.
Candy apples and vanilla ice cream.

Our happiness is a walk in the park.
A kiss after dark.
Feeling love our whole lives through.
The nearness of God and my darling you.

This post was submitted by Lamar Cole.

Kiss In The Wind

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Birds fly.
Eagles soar.
For your love my heart roars.

A baby is born.
New life begins.
Love was born from a kiss in the wind.

I loved you in the beginning.
I’ll love you til the end.
Our love began.
With a sweet kiss in the wind.

This post was submitted by Lamar Cole.

Me + You <3

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I Can’t Stop Thinking Of You
I Want To Be With You
I Want To Be In Your Arms
I Want To Hug You
I Want To See You
I Want To Kiss You
Just Know That…
I Love You Babe
I Miss You Babe
Me + You <3

This post was submitted by Liisa Mark.


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You’ve been with me six years, and I don’t know the reason,
but it’s clear that neither one of us is leaving,
you say you need me and say that I need you,
been through to much just to leave you,
you’re a part of my life and I just need to accept it,
instead when you arrive and I’m always trying to exit,
tell me why everywhere I go you follow,
pray that when I go to bed that you’ll be gone tomorrow,
instead I wake up and your still right by my side,
and it’s clear you’ve been with me throughout the night,
tell me i shouldn’t be ashamed of what we got,
but im having trouble getting on board with your train of thought,
you found me when I was weak, which made it easy for you to latch on,
and when I think I’m finally rid of you, you just come back strong,
make it harder for me to pass on,
fight you daily but you always win cause you’re that strong,
so when I go out with friends I try and leave you home,
but you come with me anyway because you don’t like to be alone,
tell me I’ve had seven years of ups and downs,
and I should be lucky cuz when everyone left you stuck around,
call me ungrateful and hate that I take you for granted,
everything you do is for me and you say I can’t understand it,
don’t ask me for a thing, just wanna kick it,
but I don’t want you around cuz you haven’t earned the privilege,
try to drown you out with music, every time you talk to me,
and try to show you that you still haven’t got to me,
you still try to show me a certain path,
that if I let you stay that I could have,
a future with you always here,
you say I’d be better with you always near,
I show you the door, but you don’t wanna leave,
I say you’re never coming back, yet you always find the key,
you have no problem finding me,
want to be by my side when I just want to be free,
I guess I’m just stuck with you,
I guess no matter what it’s just us two,
guess we have a bond neither one can ignore,
because we’re always up for more,
you stay around for a reason and keep pulling me back,
we’d be lost without each other I guess that’s just the facts,
so when either one of us feels like letting go,
we can’t, because we are just inseparable.

This post was submitted by Ryan La Crosse.

Thirsty Soul

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Love, darling, is you.
Your love cascaded down the waterfalls of your heart.
To my thirsty soul.
Your love filled the crevices of my life.
Your love is my lighthouse.
My beacon in the night.
I found home in your heart.

This post was submitted by Lamar Cole.

The one

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Everyone always asks me
Why do u like him?
My answer is always
I don’t know
But i do know…
He is the one i love…
The one i want to see all the time…
The one that even talking about him hurts…
The one to make me feel this way…
The one who makes me feel weak…
The One
The One
The One
Is all i really need to say
He is The One.

This post was submitted by jackie gutwein.

First Love

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I’d never loved before we met
So pure, so innocent, and so fresh
and now your here……’ll never go
for that…my heart is set!

Although not forever alive my heart is..
the love I have is special not jest
I will never forget the days we had together
the very first cuddle, the very first kiss.

This post was submitted by Crystal Marshall.

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