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The Night Wind

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The night wind sings a song of love.
It carries the spirits of sweethearts.
To the heavens above.

The night wind blows sweet romance.
Upon its breezes.
The souls of lovers dance.

The night wind blows very cool.
Tonight, love and romance rule.

This post was submitted by Lamar Cole.

Through My Eyes

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I grew up in a family full of lies
I hope someday you can see through my eyes
That everything I told you is not a lie.

I’m always having trouble finding the right words
Everytime I try to express my feelings I can’t say a word
Please god, whenever I’m with her give me the right words
Because when I’m with her I can face the world.

I like the bright smile on your face
Whenever I go to your place
I like to know if I’m using the right phrase
Because when I’m with you my mind stuck in a maze.

I hope I can help make your heart heal
For all the pain i made you feel
For everytime i see you cry on top of the hill
I hope my heart strong like a steel
I can’t stand seing you cry, I don’t like the way it feels

This post was submitted by jean pierre.

I Don’t Love You

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I know that its the day
that i finally have to say
how i really feel about you
and this time it’s gonna be true.

I started feeling things
that i have never felt before
although I had a boyfriend
I couldn’t take it anymore.

Every time i saw you
you made my heart smile
you made my days brighter
but only for a while.

I then left my boyfriend
because i could finally see
that the person that i loved
was right infront of me.

I didnt think you saw the signs
that I thought ur the one for me
cause clearly u didn’t ask me out
how couldn’t you see?

Here she comes, all stupid and fake
I felt like slapping her or
throwing her with a cake

She stole you away
although you didn’t even know
and then I realised that
its time for me to let you go

I couldn’t believe that
you chose her over me
and for months later
I still couldn’t set you free

I kept on wondering
if you loved me too
I kept waiting for you to
give me just a little clue

But now you have changed
and not for the good
I want to change you back
…If only i could.

You are so different
in everything you do
and now i can finally say

This post was submitted by Sasha.

Sweetest Dreams

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In my dreams he can’t hurt me…
In my dreams its back to the way things were…
The times we were happy…
The times we loved each other and knew it…
The times we only saw each other…
The times that there was no heartache…
The times when my heart wasn’t broken by him all the time…
The time when he and I were so in love…
But I know it wont happen…
Only in my dreams…
The sweetest dreams…

This post was submitted by Tina.

All I Want Is You

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An day hasnt gone by where ive thought of you,
Maybe its because i wanted to,
Maybe because im drawn in by your eyes,
Or you never ending lies,

Maybe somehow i Will see,
That someone will actually want me,
That i shall be happy someday,
Maybe i shall find my own way,

But right now all i want is you,
Why cant this be true?

This post was submitted by Pindy.


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This post was submitted by SARAH ZEERYP.

The Woman Of My Dreams

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I have something to say that is most certaily true.
You’re still as beautiful as the day when I married you.
Each and every time that I see you, I feel an undying love.
You’re the woman of my dreams and you’re all that I think of.

It’s pure heaven every time we hug or kiss.
We’ve been married for twenty years and it’s still bliss.
I have another thing to say and I hope it’s something you can see.
If we live to be two hundred, you’ll be the only woman for me.

This post was submitted by Randy Johnson.

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