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The Past

DownUp +8

Loving you is not an easy task,
And your love in return is all I could ever ask.

Whenever I see your smile,
You make my so fine.

Whenever you hold my hand,
I feel like I’m on a faraway land.

Whenever you initiated a kiss,
It feels like God’s granted me a wish.

But our love is not destined to last,
And those memories will forever remain as THE PAST…

This post was submitted by april grace pailagao.

All I want

DownUp +40

I might not be pretty
might not be the way you want
you mite not be smart
might not be the way I want..

But wants and needs are part of life
they might take us apart
but am sure you’ll hold my hand
and either I won’t leave yours…
and will keep each other close to our hearts…

Life has many phases
many ups and downs…
but to see you next to me is all I want..
but wants and needs are part of life
but never let them take us apart…

I might not be pretty
you might not be smart..
but love in life is all I want…

This post was submitted by Pooja Yadav.

What I Feel

DownUp +16

What I feel, is
I feel lost.
I do not fit
I am not a thought.

I cannot speak
I cannot say
I’m always wrong,
And I continue to pay.

All I want is
All your love.
What I get
Is less than above.

I feel that I am not needed
I feel that I have been replaced
I feel we cannot move on
If we do not embrace.

I want you involved
With me and my life
But I feel I am not an interest
Like I was never your wife.

And so I cry
When I’m alone
And hope that someday
You will come along.

This post was submitted by Terri Sanford.


DownUp +15

I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you wanted me.
I’m sorry I didn’t share how you wanted me to.
But most of all- I’m sorry for meeting you.

This post was submitted by Riley Kilburn.

What is Love?

DownUp +11

An illusion created in everyone’s minds,
Beliefs in its existence has forever caused pain and misery,
A drug that has no cure,because of the eternal pain it creates!

It brings different meanings to everyone,and the definitions for it never coincide,
Different hallucinations caused by this phenomena means that it’s never true.

It places conditions that should not exist for it to retain its true form,
But despite all the pain and depression it may cause,
Just for that short momentary feeling that you get when its at its best,
The feeling that wipes you away, and makes you feel like you are in seventh heaven,
No-one can live without it!

This post was submitted by Jay Cing Lun.

A Lovely Spark

DownUp +4

A lovely spark entered my soul in disguise of you..
Which made my life cheerful..
My silence started singing a rhythmic tune..
My heart lost its string and started swirling around you..
Cos I wanna be with you forever..

This post was submitted by sruthi varma.


DownUp +6

Sorry.. word that I keep on telling to myself.

I am sorry, because, I was once loved by you.
I am sorry, because we have met again.
Sorry, because, this time, I took my chances.
Sorry, even if it meant to hurt someone.
Sorry, because I know that I love you still.

Sorry, because I will never forget the time we had spent.
Sorry, because I know, like before, you will never stay.

Sorry for me means that I will always love you.

This post was submitted by kharelle.

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