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Baby I love you

DownUp +8

You are the light
that added brightness to my life.
You are the one
that always come in my mind
We are apart from each other
You know? I am missing you so much…
I just want to tell you one thing that…
Baby I need you
Baby I love you
Please come back to me cos I cannot live without you…

This post was submitted by umang shah.

The Heart

DownUp +18

My heart is young and free
I wear it so all can see
It battles hard and great
To end up in a fragile state

I think all day and night
To see who is worthy of the fight
As I think who to choose
Only one can win, many will lose

I choose my guy
Cute, funny ‘n’ shy
He seems so perfect
If only i new he wasn’t worth it

Now it’s done and dusted
Its finished and I’m disgusted
To say where back to the start
All over again with my fragile heart

…P.S I am only 13 and this is the first poem I have written I hope it’s good enough.

This post was submitted by Morgan.


DownUp +5

Another change
Nothing new to me.
I’ve been down this road before
I bet It’s plain to see.
Even though the place is something new
I won’t notice it
If I’m here with you.
They say change is drastic
Sometimes overwhelming
But I know
It’ll be a smooth ride
As long as you’re by my side.
Cause change can last forever
But love can outlast time!

This post was submitted by Shannon.

Love of Summer

DownUp +7

The beach has always been a peaceful place
The air hotter and the water colder
many tears roll over her pretty face
I am proud always there as her shoulder
like a red rose in the light of first morn
sitting happily my beautiful girl
Summer never presents more than a thorn
and she loves every single brown curl
but some times a storms coming makes me sad
and some times I cannot help my flower
There is one thing that can undo the bad
something with all the world in its power
Our true love replaces sadness instead
under the sun we will surely be wed

This post was submitted by Ricardo.

Never Let Go

DownUp +7

I want you to be here
I want you to hold me tight
I want you to never let me go
I want you to tell me everything is going to be all right
I want you to kiss me under the moonlight
Never let go of me
Stand by me through everything
Tell me you love me forever and always
Catch me when I fall
Never let go
Be by my side forever
Hold me through the tough times
Never let anything happen to me
Protect me
Never break me
I can’t live without you
I Love You
Never let me go

This post was submitted by Bethany.

What is Love?

DownUp +3

I looked at you,
You looked at me.
We looked in each others’ eyes,
I almost melted and caved.
I miss you,
I miss us.
What happened?
I always wonder, was it my fault?
It couldn’t have been!
We both got hurt,
We both lost each other,
What can we do?
Start over?
But then it starts all over again.
What is love?
Love is complicated,
Love is Magic and Confusing.
Love is when both partners are:
Loyal to each other,
Open with each other,
Voluntarily holding onto each other.
and finally,
Enjoy one another through it all.
Love is when you can pass through all the arguments,
and still be together.
Do I love you?
Of course, no doubt about that.
Otherwise I wouldn’t have cared about you so much,
even after you left.
But the question is,
Do you truly love me?

This post was submitted by Selena Marie Garza.

What Is Love

DownUp +1

What is Love?
Love Conquers all
It even catches me when I fall
That feeling inside that breaks me down and reveals my pride,
when I try to hide.
Asking that question?
What is Love?
Is it sent from the one above?
or is it a feeling that makes you feel
scared or trapped?
What is love?
Does it define you?
I may have a clue
It defines me, It can’t be complete without a two part harmony, because why?
Love Conquers All

This post was submitted by Paula Pettway.

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