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But You Can Now

DownUp +12

I see in your eyes the past that haunts your present
The pain and hurt are engraved into your soul
Your body is scarred by cuts, breaks, and bruises
You’re afraid to trust anyone,
But you can now

I see in your tears the cry for help in your despair
The anger and resentment are so hard for you to let go
Your heart has been broken by all those empty promises
You’re afraid to trust anyone,
But you can now

I see in your smile the beauty that you behold
The spirit of giving lies deep within your heart of gold
Your light shines upon those who walk into your life
You’re afraid to trust anyone,
But you can now

I see in your heart the love God has blessed you with
It overflows and touches the lives of those around you
You are so worthy of being supported, comforted, and loved
You’re afraid to trust anyone,
But you can now

Don’t be afraid to take my hand, I won’t ever let you go
I’ll walk with you side by side to help you get through the obstacles
Don’t be afraid to tell the truth, I won’t ever judge you
I’ll hold you in my arms and help you carry your heavy load
Don’t be afraid to let it all go, I won’t let you hold on to it all
I’ll be here to help guide you through all the ups and downs
Don’t be afraid to let yourself break, I won’t let the pieces hit the floor
I’ll be there with loving my hands catching all the pieces that fall
Most importantly…

Don’t be afraid to trust someone…You can now…

This post was submitted by Lena Girl.


DownUp +8

You want me near,
Don’t you dear?
Stop resisting me…

One touch of my fingers
One smile
And your body lingers…

What’s on your mind
Not hard to see
You know I’m not blind…

Something no one else can see
Moves you make
Are they fake?

The words you find
To upset my mind
Breathing from behind…

Messing me up
Over and over again
No, I don’t want you to stop…

Why is it so,
Not interested
But still won’t let go…

Finding hard to believe
Don’t attrack me
Rolling up your sleeve…

Attention given
You know that
Insanely driven

Makes no sense
We won’t do anything
Still there is suspense…

When you come to me
Don’t stop
Keep standing and breathe…

This post was submitted by yvonne.

What is love?

DownUp +2

What is love?
Love is passionate,
Love is true,
Love is like what i share between me and you

Love is like a growing flower you cherish
You water it and it grows.
Love is not what you give
but what you show.

So just let love flow.

This post was submitted by Melissa Peay.

What is love?

DownUp +2

Shattered wings,
A tainted heart,
Its given me reasons to fall apart.
A wilted rose,
A crooked smile,
Love was my reason to live for a while.
I love you,
You don’t seem to care,
Are these really memories are love would share?
Silence your words,
They fill me with hate,
Please stop the pain before it’s too late.
Is this love?

This post was submitted by Arielle Catastrophe.


DownUp +35

We both loved each other yesterday

I’m the only one who is thinking about yesterday
And you’re looking forward to tomorrow

Yesterday we both said hi
Today we said goodbye
Tomorrow I want to say hello again

Yesterday we laughed and kissed
Today I cried and missed
Tomorrow I’ll sit and think

Yesterday I was hot
Today I’ve been cooled
Tomorrow will reveal the ashes of us

This post was submitted by Lewis Rae.


DownUp +29

Everything is rapped up in darkness,
I keep searching left, right, for more, or less?
I’m trapped in an empty hole,
I tried to get back what you stole.
You’ve stolen and broken my heavy heart,
ever since then, I’ve been falling apart.
The birds no longer sing aloud,
the sun never comes out from behind the clouds.
The sky is always gray and cold,
I’m stuck with this burden that I hold.
I can’t keep thinking about it all,
There is no one to catch me when I fall.

This post was submitted by Rachel Kaplan.

Can’t find another you

DownUp +29

My heart plays a different sound
when it thinks of you it goes up & down

When I’m on my feet
it plays a different beat

When I’m lost in my way
it shows me your way

Please be so kind and don’t move out of my mind
because it’s impossible another you to find.

This post was submitted by Abhishek Mishra.

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