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I Wish

DownUp +25

I wish I was the one you saw,
But wishes don’t come true.
I wish I could see others,
But all I see is you!
You finally said HI,
My heart jumped 10,000 flips,
I thought I could Fly.
But then then you took her hand,
I thought I would Die.
Too bad wished don’t come true,
Because you just made me cry!

This post was submitted by Azalea .

Get to know me first

DownUp +21

No one knows the real me
I just wish you could all see
I’m funny, cool, random and smart
I love all subjects especially art
I love to shop and play about
I’m very loud and love to SHOUT
People think I’m dull and shy
Get to know me first, before I die
I love pink and rainbows too
I love to love the real you
I care about everyone in sight
I’m very happy and very bright
I’m silly at times and may seem dum
I’m actually smart and can do a sum
I love the pool, beach and snow
Everyone please, just give me a go!
I am shy at first, but believe me
Once you get to know me you will see
I’m a great person to hang around and I love to be…. ME, ME, ME!!!

This post was submitted by L.C.


DownUp +85

I’m not a stalker,
I’m not a psycho,
I’m not super smart,
I can’t fly,
I can’t read your mind,
I can’t make the world turn,
I wish for peace,
I wish for love,
I wish for 100 more wishes,
I am weird,
I am funny,
I am me,
I want to be a millionaire,
I want to have a best friend,
I want someone to love me,

I’m not in love with anyone else.
I can’t make you love me.
I wish I could.
I am just a girl, waiting for you.
I want you.

This post was submitted by Madye.


DownUp +43

Love is worth a thousand words but never worth the pain
it keeps you safe and dry and warm until the stormy rain
love can be a gentle hug or be a lasting kiss
through the pain and sorrow our love is all I’ll miss
the war the hurt the broken heart
the flame has died and will not start
if love was happiness we’d all be free
we’d live our lives joyfully
but none the less it is not so
our love is there but will not show
happy times will die and fade
though they’re gone love has stayed

This post was submitted by Heather.

Because I love you

DownUp +19

Every time I think about you,
Your face sticks in my mind like glue
I think that there is something between us two,
Because I love you, I love you, I love you

My heart says that you are the only one,
Because you are second to none.
So let’s come together and learn,
The universal language of love and fun.

You are the most beautiful person in this world,
This makes everything around look so dull.
Whenever I am lost in the dark night,
You only make me see a ray of light.

Even though I am lazy,
Your thought makes me crazy.
In my dreams, you only come
Because without you nothing can be done.

This post was submitted by Kaustubh Risodkar.

Love at first sight

DownUp +11

Dressed in mind blowing apparels he appears,
from God knows where
with tongue sweeter than honey
looks broadcasting money
attitude just right
to earn him a night
with the girl he tagged right

The figure eight could look no better
on a girl we call Martha
one could say God took his time
and all his dime
just to make her
the most sought after

His simple smile
saying words of a thousand miles
and before one can think twice
the girl stands as stiff as ice
vigorously nodding “yes”
to heaven knows what the question was

Beautiful is an understatement
breathtaking a compliment
for even the world’s best dictionary
could not explain this extraordinary
whose simple smile
sent shivers down a million spines

Love at first sight they say
forgetting there’s always a price to pay
for if ones heart is to be broken
there will be no token
but loads and loads of laughter
are sure to last ever after.


This post was submitted by OLUWATELEMI OLA-JAMES.


DownUp +21

Nows a right time, to show him how I really feel,
My love for you is truly real,
I love you for you and nothing more,
Your hugs and kisses I do adore,
But when your not there, I don’t know what to do,
So many sleepless nights, crying and thinking of you,
Just thinking we’ll make is through,
And baby…. Our love will last forever till that day I say “I DO!”

This post was submitted by Bethany Rivers.

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