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Took Away my Heart

DownUp +2

Let me cry.
Let all my feelings die.
I can’t hide behind a smile anymore.
I’ve already opened a door
to a world of pain.
I opened my eyes
to a world of silent screams.
A world that never welcomes dreams.
You promised me my happy ending
when all i’ve been doing is mending
a broken heart.
When you left you took away my heart.

This post was submitted by XxdreamrxX.

Gone Away

DownUp +2

Nights and days have past
he knew she never could last,
but he left her all alone
and now she’s all alone.

Why did he leave her?
he had belief in her.
She felt that she did something wrong
she listened to his favorite song.

She stayed in her bed,
like life was about to end.
He sent her a letter
do you want to know what he said to her?

it said only three words
three tiny words. . .
‘i love you’
and she whispered to herself ‘i love you too’
but then she died from a broken heart.

This post was submitted by Amanda Cunningham.

The Reality of Love

DownUp +1

I was overwhelmed by the reality of it all.
His raspy voice yelling at me in such a way, I’ve never heard before
The intimidation of him was gone.
I was just as irate as he was.
I couldn’t believe that after all we have been through it ends like this
I was frivolous to him and he let me know it.
I crooned myself trying to find a way out of the pain.
But all I found was complete desolation.
I clenched my heart to try to find a way out of this massive black hole.
But the hole just grew larger day after day
I found myself in my room often, just sitting there idly.
My world was becoming iridescent,
colors changing from light shades of reds
and oranges to dark purples and blacks.
All I wanted was him ample amount of love.
Something that I will never have.

This post was submitted by Allie.


DownUp +1

My pulse quickens,
My breath shortens,
My eyes are focused on my goal,
My goal is you.

I come closer,
You walk away.
I scream your name,
and you turn away.

What is it that made your love go away?
Did I push you away?
Or had it always been this way?
Was I just a game for you to play?

You tell me you love me,
then you walk away.
I don’t know whether to follow you or to stay away.
I don’t know why you don’t love me anymore,
so please tell me why.

This post was submitted by Joyce McNeal.

Thank You, I Hate You, I’m Sorry

DownUp +2

Thank You –
For showing me what I really deserved; Which wasn’t you .
For telling me how much you loved me all the time, even if you were lying .
For showing me what people in this world are capable of doing to me .
For giving me a little bit of joy in my life .
For being there for me… in the beginning .

I Hate You –
For letting this go on for so long .
For making me love you .
For taking me away from people who would’ve actually loved me .
For wanting her more .
For getting my hopes up, then letting me down . Again . And again .
For telling me the same things you told all of them… and the same things you will tell her .

I’m Sorry –
For letting you know how i feel .
For anything i ever did to hurt you .
For not acknowledging any of the good things you did for me .
For hating you .
For loving you .
For praying that things won’t work out with you two .
For knowing all along that what happened to us wasn’t all your fault .
For letting our friendship go after all this time .

This post was submitted by Bree Carrington.


DownUp 0

Loss of sleep
Nothing interesting anymore
No one but myself to keep
What is there to live for?

So much mixed emotion
Feeling so alone here
Loosing all connection
Hopeing the end is near

Having not one friend
Living in my own head
Where is the end?
Myself wanting to be dead

Everyday going by so slow
Tired of living this lie
The same regular flow
Awaiting to die

Siting and wondering how?
Why am I so depressed?
Whats going to happen now?
All the weight of stress

The love I have for a person,
Do they have the same love for me?

This post was submitted by Kayla Parker.

Empty pain

DownUp +1

You proved your love a million times,
Thought all his drugs and endless crimes.
Even when he went to jail,
My love for him never failed.
I told my family many a lie,
Made him out to be a decent guy.
But now hes found another,
Deserted me as a single mother.
Even now i are not sad,
He blamed me god that’s bad.
Now each night i wonder why,
I got no love from this guy.
And now i trace my steps from the start,
9yrs on he had no heart.
Lying in his girlfriends bed,
Still finds time to mess with my head.
Drugs and money was his game,
He’ll never admit he was to blame.
Sometimes at night i walk those streets and down the lane,
Trying to lose that empty pain.

This post was submitted by angie.

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