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He told me…

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He told me he loved
he told me he cared
he told me i was the only one for him
he told me forever and always
he told me he would never lie to me
he told me he wouldn’t hurt me
he tole me he wouldn’t say goodbye

But he admitted that night he didn’t mean any of it…

This post was submitted by Kristen Sheppard.


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Her heart is hidden away in a hidden tomb
Sitting alone in the darkest room.
Feeling so numb she has lost all hope
Trying to find the end of the rope.
As long as she say I don’t care
she has no feelings left to share.
Keeping a smile on her face
that’s all she has left in this place.
Hearts are shattered, not that it mattered.
Everything is gone, it feels so wrong.
So she sit here in the shallow puddle of her pride
Her insides have died.

Underneath it all she hides under a wall
Scared of what’s to come, wanting to turn and run.
Inside her walls she builds up loosing her pride.
Already down in the dirt, stomped on and hurt.
She cry’s for warmth and care.
But no one is there.
She is left to sit and cry to wonder why?
She hides under a mask, a smile on her face.
No one knows what really she hides.
All the problems build in her head, as each tear is shed.

she loved him with all her heart, she knew that from the start.
she’s not the only one in his heart.
that’s tearing them apart.
she wish’s she would have known,
Before her feelings were shown.
her wall was let down.
Now she will lay back an drown,
In the sorrows of her tears.
Letting in all of her fears.

Life goes by to fast, to live in the past.
Yet she can never rid of the thoughts, they will always last.
With no more tears to cry,
She kisses him and finally says goodbye.

This post was submitted by SamBo Brunner.

As I Am

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There’s an empty space
In my bed
Where you should be
Lying next to me
I’m so cold
Without you here
Your arms no longer around me
Your touch so far away

There’s an empty place
Where my heart should be
Since you left me
So silently
I need some relief
From this pain

When I’m walking in the woods
So eerie and silent
I’m so scared and alone
Not wanting to go home
Those thoughts haunt me
Of me and you
My heart won’t let them go

I can see you
Through the rain
Walking away from me
Tearing me into pieces
Letting me die.

This post was submitted by Maxine Dawn Rose Martin.

My Knight

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Another day goes by and I wonder if you even miss me at all,
I wonder if I will ever hear from you, if you will ever call.

You said you’d always love me and never break my heart,
you said you’d always be with me from the very start.

My heart has never hurt as much as it does today,
I just wish you waited to talk, I wish you had something to say.

I wish you would have told me you loved me one last time,
or at least held me tight and whispered softly “good bye”.

The way things ended has left me so unsure,
because we were meant to be together, our love was so pure.

I’ve never loved anyone the way that I loved you,
I had finally found my happiness, I found my everything in you,

You made me smile, you made me laugh and sometimes even cry,
but never in all my thoughts of us was there ever a good bye.

From the moment that I met you you changed my entire life,
and I knew in my heart someday I’d be your wife.

But like “they” always say, “good things must come to an end”,
I just wish when they did we could have left it as friends.

But you wanted me to leave, just get in my car and go,
you didn’t even care about me out there all alone.

You promised you’d take care of me and never let me down,
but as it turns out, you let me leave without a sound.

You hurt me, you crushed me, you left me standing alone,
you showed me how little our love had truly grown.

There are so many feeling I still have for you,
so many things that I need to say to you.

But you have moved on and I don’t know what to say,
each night before I go to bed, I stop and I pray.

I pray for your happiness, I pray you still love and miss me,
but as I crawl into bed I still feel so alone and so empty.

I have to move on now, I have to try to be strong,
I have to let you go even though it feels so wrong.

Good bye to you, the love of my life,
Good bye to you, you will always be my KNIGHT!!!!

This post was submitted by Karen.

Yet Again..!

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I hear a stranger knocking at my door
There is an awaiting adventure, I do not wish to explore.

My heart trembles with fear
As I foresee a story yet to unfold.

The last time I loved,
I lost and was left alone.

I still remember aching with that excruciating pain
Tears flooding my eyes like torrential rains.

But no one really cared
I felt left alone and so sad.

With time my bruises are healed.
The scars of fraud I have learnt to conceal.

Yet again now, I hear a known sound,
Go O’ stranger go,
For this time I will not answer the door.

This post was submitted by Varsha.

Internal Turmoil

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My secret pains deep in my chest,
Your lies cause me in emotional unrest,
From a friendship to a deeper more,
Both are dead in my core.

The rotting corpse of a love that once was,
So passionate, intense, trusting, without clause.
Now inside me is completely distressed,
My happiness has been suppressed.

I wonder how love evolves into nothing,
Love for me, have you been bluffing?
You loved me once, at least I thought,
But now you leave my heart to rot.

This post was submitted by Melissa Wilson.

I Cry Out

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In the dead of the night.
When all is out of sight. . .
I cry out your name.
I cry out your name to see if you’d hear.
I cry out your name to see if you’re near.
I cry out your name because I am hurt.
My name my name, you will hear.
My name my name, you will hold dear.
My name my name, will keep you near.
Because my name my name is with you dear.
In your heart,
For there is why it had start.
In your heart,
Our love is c l e a r .

This post was submitted by Audre.

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