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When I look at the sky so blue,
I sit there and think of you.
When I look at the clouds so white,
I know I’ll dream of you tonight.
When your not with me I’m so sad and blue,
I can’t stand not being with you.
You make me feel happy when I am sad,
when your around I could never feel bad.

But that all ended so tragically…
I was so blind,
how could I not see?
That you were not the one for me,
and we were never ment to be.
I broke your heart and you broke mine,
I thought it would work out in time.
But it didn’t and now we’re through,
All I know is I still love you.

This post was submitted by Gidget.

Guide me the way

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Maybe i’ll see you again
but it’s the hopes and maybes that are so deeply wounding
I dont know whether i believe,
because the truth hurts.

You are gone away,
so far away
To have gained trust in you
and then to let it all fall,
deeply away into endless nights.

You taught me how to love, to soar across endless seas,
a once in a life time dream,
so swiftly gone away.

My prayers were answered by the touch of your hand.

A faith so blind
to guide me the way
An endless to never be touched,
a never reaching hope.

As the darkness surrounds,
my tears will dry,
my hopes be gone,
the memory will fade
but my wounds still bare.

I now pray to you
that one day you will hear
my silent cries no more be heard.

This post was submitted by Kim.

A Broken Heart

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As i watched the clock tick
as everyone sleeps tonight
i hear the wind blowing
i wish things are alright

why’d you have to go so soon?
I thought you’d stay longer
What happened to us?
Why’d you have to let it linger?

I learned to open my heart again
when you told me you loved me
you believed in me so much
you always call me your lady

Why did everything end like that?
I felt like we’re so far apart
i didn’t realize i was just dancing alone
now i’m left with a broken heart.

This post was submitted by Louise Arielle Guittap.

My life

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My life is over
that’s what kept saying everyday over and over
but no one listens..and no one feels
when u have no medicine for your heart so it can heals
my tears falls like rains
but sadly, they can’t be stopped,which pains
my heart is bleeding,i’m getting weaker
and everything i knew is getting faker
i’v lost my only lover
in a dark October
all because of him i’m living in constant fear
and he doesn’t ever care about how many fallen tear
i feel like killing myself
but i know it will lead me to hell
but now… looking at how the things are changing
i think i’m already in hell and still living
i’m a shy,sensitive girl inside
but dunno what people will think,, so i have to hide
at school i’m this clown who has no feelings
but i’m tired of pretending
that i’m not crying inside…
and no shading tears every once and a while.

This post was submitted by unckown.


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Please try to make me smile,
even if you think its impossible.
Tell me the truth,
even if you think it will hurt.
If I ask you a question
please answer honestly,
Don’t try to lie to make me feel better,
even if you think it will work.
Hold me when I’m upset,
dry my tears when I cry,
be there for me even if your mad at me
or if I’m mad at you.
Love me when I hate you.
Call me even if you think I’m not home,
Take care of me when I’m sick even if you don’t want get get what I have,
Love me for who I am.
Talk to me late at night on the phone,
even if your tired.
Call me back if I hang up on you.
Tell your friends you don’t care what they think of me & mean it.
Defend me even if I don’t need it.
Help with thinks you don’t even understand.
Tell me you love me,
and mean it.

This post was submitted by Madison Avery.

What I Really Mean

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I can’t explain why I do what I do
Why at times my feelings remain unseen
Love drives me to act completely dysfunctional
What I say is hardly what I mean
When something’s not right and you ask me “what’s wrong?”
My answer will always be the same ‘til the end.
I say “nothing”; I know it makes no sense at all
But in my mind I’m saying “ask me again”.
I hang up on you to find out if you care
Enough about me to pick up and call back.
I only threaten to leave because I hope and pray
You’ll stop me dead in my tracks.
I desperately long to be found by you
That’s the only reason I run and hide.
I childishly give you the silent treatment
When really I’m screaming inside.
I roll my eyes to fight back the tears
I only wish that you knew
When I say I don’t need you, I’m fully aware
I could never live a day without you.
I push you away while wishing you’d grab me
Keeping hold of me tightly forever.
And when I tell you I hate you, what I really mean
Is that I love you more than ever.

This post was submitted by Christen Barilotti.

My Last Farewell to You

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I have this feeling,
That my love for you has no more meaning.
What I thought of you, I have no more intent.
I leave you with no fragment of love any further extent.

Take back the life you stole from my soul,
My heart is the one that paid the toll
I’ll write you this last goodbye,
And look at the night sky as time goes by.

You came into my heart,
And you made it fall apart,
Now I claim you no longer my sweetheart.
Your welcome is long gone,
I watch you go till dawn.

I open my mind and let it unwind,
My thoughts all inclined,
Words I own I give you,
My hearts need to be rescued.

My trust was my last defense,
Mind and heart felt so immense.
I threw with you,
So long, at last I say goodbye no further adieu.

Ill set you free as I need to mend,
We can always just be great friends
I can see through your act,
My heart is now intact.

I moved on and so should you,
We can always be best friends no need to be down so blue,
Unless you can steal my heart,
Or mend these broken parts,
I can’t see why I should love you,
Unless we can go back from the start.

This is probably the last poem I make just for you,
There’s nothing left I can do.
You were something that I did virtue,
Even if you never had a clue.

This is my last goodbye,
Ill standby.
I won’t take back what has done,
The truth I can’t outrun.

This post was submitted by Paul C,.

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