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When I wrote you a love letter,
Everything was holding me back–
Too many forces
My skin divorced from myself
All that was left
Was a skeleton walking on its own

Picking up a pen…
Was it ever this hard?
Writing what I felt…
Every word should catch you off guard

Since I’ve scared you off,
Should I try again?
I’m full of worry that I can’t amend
A fowl play

Who knew that ink
Could erase all our precious moments
Who knew that time
Could make us each others distant memories

I think I’ve felt enough
Reality’s given me first class seats
Hope lingers and that’s what keeps
Me loving you.

This post was submitted by Faradae Renner.

A Heartless Dream Is Near

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Should i drop a tear? Should i make a sound?
Bringing sadness to the heart and reeking blood across this ground.

The clattering noises, the ruthless pain?
Why listen to a story that has been held in vain?

The life of a queen, the life of the poor.
As i drew this heart on a paper the crack again tore.

The late sleepless nights and heart wrenching pain.
The more situations that have held the less trust we regain.

Falling to the ground, no breath and no heart.
Not knowing where it’d end or where it would start.

Tears avoiding love and love avoiding life.
Where was track lost? It’s nowhere in sight.

Candle lite room when darkness appears.
It seems to rekindle all of my fears.

That’s when I knew,
A heartless dream must be near.

This post was submitted by Nigie Williams.

My Invisible Man

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Dear Invisible Man,
I wanted you to know
All of the memories of me and you
Go to show
That’s all you are is just a memory
You became a part of the past
Disappearing, like a vanishing act

Invisible Man,
I needed you to be that guy
Who stands by my side
The lonely nights
When i started to cry

You left me feeling like someone punched me in the stomach
And I’m just standing there,
For you to hear me

Invisible Man!
Why cant you understand!
The way i feel
How my heart aches when you come near

Just let me be.
Just let me heal,
from all the pain
Now nothing will ever be the same.

The most suffering i could withstand,
What you brought upon me,
My Invisible Man.

This post was submitted by Olivia.

I Love You

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I see you sleep, On this gorgeous night

I feel you next to me, and all is right

With your arms around me, breath on my neck

Im taken to a secret place

Your kiss on my lips, such a sweet taste

Your love surrounds me, a memory never to be erased

The love we make, like no other

Makes me keep the secret no longer

Of what behind a closed door

As my eye’s open, and the sun starts to shine

I realize still, that this is just a dream of mine.

This post was submitted by Hope Manna.

Another Love Poem

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The hardest thing in life is love,
It makes you wonder but it’s not enough,
We say we’ll be together until the end,
But truth is you left me just around the bend.

You don’t know what you did,
You don’t know how much it hurt,
I loved you like no other,
But in the end your feelings changed,

You just left me there with nothing,
I felt like a bird with no wings,
I didn’t know what to do,
I didn’t know where or who to go to,
All I know is I’ll always love you.

This post was submitted by Daniel Hoey.

Waiting On Love

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Waiting on Love,
Look Above,
Waiting For Him,
To Come Along,
I Wonder What Went Wrong?
How Did I Lose Everything,
I Lost Him, I Need Him,
Can I Have Him?

This post was submitted by Hannah Genest.


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I knew it was going to be difficult
Especially for me
I’m trying to forget about you
But you keep on reappearing
You say you just want to be friends
But I can’t even handle that
Just seeing you walk away
Is enough to make me go crazy
The day that you say goodbye
It pushes me to cry
Only one question is going through my mind
Why do are you making me suffer?

This post was submitted by Jazzy Garcia.

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