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The skies are blue,
My mind is black,
What can i do,
I need you back,
You said you want me
I know you don’t
You said you love me
I know you wont

Your like a knife without the blade
A color without the shade
a victim without an aid
a house without a maid

I have nothing left
you took it all
I’m left here stranded,
Forced to crawl
I’m dying now,
With no one left to call.

This post was submitted by *Brandon S*.

He Hurt Me

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He hurt me way to much,
I didn’t like the feel of his touch.
All the stuff he put me through,
I hope it doesn’t happen to you.
Everyday I have a feeling,
That he’s somewhere out there killing.
I wish I never met him,
Because now it’s hard to forget him.
Sometimes I feel the need to cry,
& It feels like im dying inside.
Keeping a smile on my face,
To cover up what he cant erase.
I was always grounded for no reason,
Even during the summer season.
Thinking about it everyday,
Trying to wash the pain away.
Struggling to fight him is like fire and ice,
Doesn’t ever turn out nice.
Making me smoke,
Really burned my throat.
He turned my mom against me,
So she wouldn’t know the true story.
Either way he scared me for life,
It’s like being stabbed by a knife.
I went to church & read the bible,
So I know not to become suicidal.

This post was submitted by Cheyanne Jennifer.

I Just Wish….

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I wish you could see the tears on my eyes
I wish you could hear the whisper of my heart
I wish you could feel the pain that I feels for you
I wish you could know that I never lied with you
I wish you could love me always the way you used to
I wish you could always hold my hand & walk along
I wish you could still be mine, even when I’m not alive
I wish you could smile, when ever I come to your mind
Now I wish, I could have never betrayed with you
I wish would never leaved you for a time
I wish could always make you smile
I wish could share by breath with yours
I wish could dedicate my life, just to be with you
I wish could hold your tears from falling on ground
I wish could stand by for you, for ever
I wish could hold you in my arms & never let you be lone
I wish could bond your soul with mine
I wish could see you again, for a last time
I wish not to spent another day of my life, without you
I wish, you’ll come to see me for a last time
I wish, not to feel the drop of tears, from your eyes
I wish to meet you again, in our after life
I wish you could see the tears on my eyes
I wish you could hear the whisper of my heart…

This post was submitted by Fahad Sheikh .

My Favorite Mistake

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I hear the wind whisper in my ear,
And the birds singing on the tree.
The rays of the sun lingers on me,
I open my eyes, and you’re not here.

Late I’m up with thoughts of you,
But show no hint that you do too.
Here at the crowd, to meet someone new,
But inside my wits I wish it’s you.

I miss the time we’re here together,
Moments when we disregard the other.
I miss the day we’re out for a movie,
Now I sat alone just thinking of thee.

I waited here for so long,
The other said won’t come along.
For an instant, I feel so lonely,
But you once said, “Always be happy”.

You’re the one, who taught me,
To enjoy life and feel lucky.
And whenever I feel gloomy,
You were always there beside me.

Loving you is my favorite mistake,
It gives me the sorest headache.
I wonder why we’re on the same line,
It averts me for making you mine

You are my light on a somber day,
You are the color of my murky face.
You are my rainbow after the rain,
The aurora borealis of my morning.

This post was submitted by Joanne Minas.

Harsh Break

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I met a guy down the street
i met a guy oh so sweet
there he stole his heart from me
and now he wants to set it free,
He sat upon his knee
and told things he never told me.
I went home and cried on my bed
and not another word was said,
my dad came home late that night
and searched for me from left to right
there he found me on a rope
and this is were he found this note:

Dig my grave, dig it deep,
marble stone from head to feet, on my grave,
place a dove to show the world
i died for love.

This post was submitted by Gloria.

Broken Heart Feelings

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Standing alone on the world’s edge,
He prayed for hours and hours,
And there arrived a sage.

I’ll give you a boon, he said,
But, with it, a curse will be spread
You will have no enemies,
But neither will you have any love
You will have no good memories,
Neither will you have any casualties.

Or, you can choose to have 1 love,
But, with it, come a thousand enemies.
The choice was not that tough.
He didn’t choose love.
‘Life is hard’, he said,
‘1 more enemy and I’d be dead’

He lived his life peacefully,
But, the devil had other plans for him, painfully.
Dante showed him a glimpse of love,
One, he couldn’t have enough.

He pleaded to the sage,
I made a choice, please let me change
The sage took pity….
‘Have some love, have an identity’

The man happy and satisfied,
Blindly walked past his demise.
He got love, a lot of love
But she soon left him
And he sat there in disgust.

The pain of a thousand enemies wasn’t even comparable
to the sting of love.
He was vulnerable,
Too afraid to love, too afraid to trust.

The devil laughed to his heart’s content
The girl he loved was never content
This is the reality of us humans,
There is no love, there is no hate,
Life is just an empty tunnel, leading to our empty fate.

You will have no love,
But neither will you have any enemies.
You will have no good memories,
Neither will you have any casualties.

This post was submitted by Rohan.

Another Faded Promise

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Never have I felt so broken.
Never felt so far away.
You finally got me to snap,
Going day by day.
People tell me all the time
Love can never get in,
Unless it seaps through the wound
Where your heart has been broken.
My heart is open and bleeding,
That they say time will mend.
But they don’t seem to understand,
The scar lasts till the end.
Yet love still hasn’t found its way,
Into my lonesome heart.
It just keeps bleeding and teering,
Until it finally falls apart.
Why did you let me fall?
How could you let me down?
After you promised me
That you would always be around.
You just keep hurting me.
And to be completely honest
I fell like I’m nothing,
But another faded promise.

This post was submitted by Marissa Sauceda.

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