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Broken Heart

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In anger, yearning, indignation
Wounded in my soul,
I have no life……..Struggle…. for her,
Alone I live, but what a life !…..
O, what a bitter life it is !
How Stingily she measures out the air of me
Less generous than to a mortal foe
Oh, drawing breath is diffcult and painful,
I can still breathe, but i can live no more
In this fateful hours of Mine –
While she feast upon the majestic life
and drank immortal life
Here at a meagre heart
Disrup the lifeless, eerie hush
Soul declines to sing in chorus?
The blood may thin within Veins
Hold back Hold back, O dying day
Or chance upon a radiant dream !…..
To catch the sent of blooming lilac
But life…. life slowly ebbs….. I can’t wardoff death.

This post was submitted by Santosh.


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Wistful a charm, a tenderness
Mysterious and soft,
To hear her voice, its warm and merry platter
Softly she say , O how much i love you
O how much i love you, you loved…….
To love so well none ever durst….
Then, even such love fades, to be it ceases…
To watch you lie to my face! How did my heart not burst,
The breakers strike blow after blow
Not break, O God into a thousand pieces
Lies veiled and bleak, the sun’s departure mournings
Lights a sufferer’s face and that is born
Of the god like pride of anguish
Like a gusty winds with sudden anger rise
Out the depths the sky stares, strange and boundless
A fathomless and fiery pit.
In passion’s savage blindness
She callously destroy’s my life.

This post was submitted by Santosh.

My Wounds

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whoever said ”time heals all wounds
must not know,what im going through
If he did then he’d know,that the wound gets bigger
itz like her mouth had the amo but her heart pulled the trigger
now i sit here sad & all,
& you don’t even think to call,
you totally forgot me,
it’s like you saved me & then you shot me
but i love the pain ,got your picture in a frame
we were never friends , until i got to know her
she was a ride or die chick , like a lovely chauffer
emotions turned at the light ,without a simple warning
now my heart tremble light,softly every mornin
i taunt myself with ya pic’s ya facebook
i must resist ,im addicted,to your vibin look
and then you begin sayin how you felt someone else
im sittin here torn up like what tha hell
and now you call me sayin how much you really love me
im like its to late, im gone,”our love is blind”see
its obivious that her and me werent meant to be
im want to give her another try but only mentally
And if our love go away then i must lead
im shot up, star struck,but you arent even famous
she got that killa smile why you bein heinous
i open up to this girl then my mind get raded
my realationship wit her is khalifa faded
my heart’s been shattered glass only shards remainin

This post was submitted by jayy.

I Don’t Love You

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I know that its the day
that i finally have to say
how i really feel about you
and this time it’s gonna be true.

I started feeling things
that i have never felt before
although I had a boyfriend
I couldn’t take it anymore.

Every time i saw you
you made my heart smile
you made my days brighter
but only for a while.

I then left my boyfriend
because i could finally see
that the person that i loved
was right infront of me.

I didnt think you saw the signs
that I thought ur the one for me
cause clearly u didn’t ask me out
how couldn’t you see?

Here she comes, all stupid and fake
I felt like slapping her or
throwing her with a cake

She stole you away
although you didn’t even know
and then I realised that
its time for me to let you go

I couldn’t believe that
you chose her over me
and for months later
I still couldn’t set you free

I kept on wondering
if you loved me too
I kept waiting for you to
give me just a little clue

But now you have changed
and not for the good
I want to change you back
…If only i could.

You are so different
in everything you do
and now i can finally say

This post was submitted by Sasha.

Sweetest Dreams

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In my dreams he can’t hurt me…
In my dreams its back to the way things were…
The times we were happy…
The times we loved each other and knew it…
The times we only saw each other…
The times that there was no heartache…
The times when my heart wasn’t broken by him all the time…
The time when he and I were so in love…
But I know it wont happen…
Only in my dreams…
The sweetest dreams…

This post was submitted by Tina.


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When a man is hindered to indulge love
Or perhaps anything that associates within it
A man is lost in the deep endless void
The man is incomplete… unable to revive
No words, no songs, not even Shakespeare’s sonnets can comprehend

When a man is rejected from his rights to love or be loved
Or perhaps anything that associates within it
He has lost the primary goal in life
He is trapped in love’s puzzle… paradoxed
No friends, no family, not even Aphrodite can substitute

When a man’s love is unrequited
Or perhaps anything that associates within it
His love and hope is once rejected
His spirit to live starts to faint… subsequently his life
No shrink, no wealth/fame, not even the fountain of youth can re-offer

The worst of all is when the man knows
The man knows deep within himself
That the reason why he has no love
Why he is lost, trapped, and fainted
Was his and only his fault

The guilt the sorrow the regret
Is devouring from within
Literally reaps him slowly
The Grim himself has admitted
That unrequited love is the worst way to die

Time itself slows down to make the man suffer
Cronus speaks, “Let him die as slow as he possibly could…
Let him savor the outcome of his own actions
Let us sedate the time from dusk to dawn…
Let him mourn for the touch that he did not deserve”

Shakespeare’s poems could not comprehend
Aphrodite herself could not substitute
The fountain of youth’s offer means nothing
Reaper’s scythe defeated of its power
Cronus prolonged the time of suffering

All chances I’ve wasted
To win I’m defeated
To live I’ve seen no meaning
“Give up” my conscience’s song
“Take that one more step, towards life’s denouement”

This post was submitted by Alvin.

Love Hurts

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Love hurts like a bunch of needles
stabbing you in the back, and when
they start getting pulled out one
by one you start feeling relieve

Love hurts like a huge hole
opening up your heart, then when it
starts filling up, it feels better

Love hurt when your true love
breaks your heart

This post was submitted by Jasmine Fett.

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