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The Past

DownUp +8

Loving you is not an easy task,
And your love in return is all I could ever ask.

Whenever I see your smile,
You make my so fine.

Whenever you hold my hand,
I feel like I’m on a faraway land.

Whenever you initiated a kiss,
It feels like God’s granted me a wish.

But our love is not destined to last,
And those memories will forever remain as THE PAST…

This post was submitted by april grace pailagao.

What I Feel

DownUp +16

What I feel, is
I feel lost.
I do not fit
I am not a thought.

I cannot speak
I cannot say
I’m always wrong,
And I continue to pay.

All I want is
All your love.
What I get
Is less than above.

I feel that I am not needed
I feel that I have been replaced
I feel we cannot move on
If we do not embrace.

I want you involved
With me and my life
But I feel I am not an interest
Like I was never your wife.

And so I cry
When I’m alone
And hope that someday
You will come along.

This post was submitted by Terri Sanford.


DownUp +15

I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you wanted me.
I’m sorry I didn’t share how you wanted me to.
But most of all- I’m sorry for meeting you.

This post was submitted by Riley Kilburn.


DownUp +6

Sorry.. word that I keep on telling to myself.

I am sorry, because, I was once loved by you.
I am sorry, because we have met again.
Sorry, because, this time, I took my chances.
Sorry, even if it meant to hurt someone.
Sorry, because I know that I love you still.

Sorry, because I will never forget the time we had spent.
Sorry, because I know, like before, you will never stay.

Sorry for me means that I will always love you.

This post was submitted by kharelle.

What is love?

DownUp +2

Shattered wings,
A tainted heart,
Its given me reasons to fall apart.
A wilted rose,
A crooked smile,
Love was my reason to live for a while.
I love you,
You don’t seem to care,
Are these really memories are love would share?
Silence your words,
They fill me with hate,
Please stop the pain before it’s too late.
Is this love?

This post was submitted by Arielle Catastrophe.


DownUp +35

We both loved each other yesterday

I’m the only one who is thinking about yesterday
And you’re looking forward to tomorrow

Yesterday we both said hi
Today we said goodbye
Tomorrow I want to say hello again

Yesterday we laughed and kissed
Today I cried and missed
Tomorrow I’ll sit and think

Yesterday I was hot
Today I’ve been cooled
Tomorrow will reveal the ashes of us

This post was submitted by Lewis Rae.


DownUp +29

Everything is rapped up in darkness,
I keep searching left, right, for more, or less?
I’m trapped in an empty hole,
I tried to get back what you stole.
You’ve stolen and broken my heavy heart,
ever since then, I’ve been falling apart.
The birds no longer sing aloud,
the sun never comes out from behind the clouds.
The sky is always gray and cold,
I’m stuck with this burden that I hold.
I can’t keep thinking about it all,
There is no one to catch me when I fall.

This post was submitted by Rachel Kaplan.

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