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Never Ending…

DownUp +7

The moment I saw your face…
I felt within a spark that did blaze..
the moment you saw my face..
you wondered if I was the one…
who would love to share..
the best thing in the world..
we knew we were meant to be…
and that did happen…
those days were something else…
we knew nothing else..
but that we were in love…
but then came a sorrowful separation….
that did create a barrier between us..
but we still loved…
that is something never ending…

This post was submitted by rithy roberts.


DownUp +8

The way you look at her,
Is a sight I love to see.
But inside I’m always wishing,
That you were looking at me.

And then you go and talk with her,
And look into her eyes.
While I just stare and smile,
But inside I want to cry.

After school at home, I dream,
How that girl should be me.
The one that makes your heart race fast,
But in reality I’m the girl you can’t see.

I must just be invisible,
Even with all the things I do.
I thought you would notice me,
Just as easy as i noticed you.

I guess i know my answer,
Invisible I’ll always be.
I just wish the way you look at her,
Is the way you’d look at me.

By Selesitila Tenney.:)
No copyright.

This post was submitted by Selesitila .

I Wish

DownUp +25

I wish I was the one you saw,
But wishes don’t come true.
I wish I could see others,
But all I see is you!
You finally said HI,
My heart jumped 10,000 flips,
I thought I could Fly.
But then then you took her hand,
I thought I would Die.
Too bad wished don’t come true,
Because you just made me cry!

This post was submitted by Azalea .

One Last Time

DownUp +12

The greatest reward that I once had
Was to meet you in my past

Ever since that day
My life is turning into a permanent display

Every moment that passed me by
My heart called out to you until it cries
Every and each time

At least, let me see you again
One last time.

This post was submitted by Khandaker Saadi.

I know you’ll never love me

DownUp +14

I know you’ll never love me
and I don’t know why
I know you’ll never think of me
it makes me want to cry
but i do know that I’ll love you
each and every day
as long as your happy
in this sad world
I’ll be happy too
even though I’m a lonely girl

This post was submitted by Christina.

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