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We won’t be Defeated

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The ball flew hard,
Landed on a yellow card.
The coach could care less,
when our teams are in a mess.
Whom only cares about SAS,
when they didn’t try their best.
That’s not fair and we know it,
but we can’t wait for their candles to lit.
We strive to do out best, and win back our nest.
We know we can win,
and trash them in the bin.
Because, we know it,
we need it,
we want it
and we won’t be,

This post was submitted by echinn =P.


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The Rangers win
The Rays lose
The Yanks are coming back
The Tigers are choking
It looks like last year
Could it be
Yankees vs Rangers
We shall see
Hopefully it will be
The same Rangers in 6
But this time Rangers will win the big one
Phillips vs Rangers
The Rangers win.

This post was submitted by Big Mac bowen from interstudies.

I’ll Miss you

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Leaving us is as hard as love,
I hold my tears to show you my careless response,
But deeply inside I’m crying alot
I’ll miss you the most and I’ll never stop
till next year ,I will see you again
and for now there will be tears on my face
I’m happy for you that your going to another school
But now all there’s left to say is: Goodbye, I’ll miss you! ?

This post was submitted by Ivana.

Eyes of Deceit

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They see the world as it may be
Whether it be Love or Hate
Fear or Happiness
Tragedy or Triumph
Everyday Possibilities for the Hopeless
But what they don’t see is
Who they really are
Liars and Thieves
Two-faced and Bullheaded
Scarce and Suspicious
Everyday Joys turn to Dilemmas
Looking for Comfort and Words of Wisdom
Everything Changes
When Looking into the Eyes of Deceit.

This post was submitted by christelvanover.

Seven Years

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Seven years it has been,
since you don my wedding ring
Wonderful moments we have seen,
this journey so fulfilling
My dear there is special meaning,
with the number Seven
The Word will shed understanding,
what it signifies from Heaven

Seven days it is written,
God rested after Earth’s Creation
Seven seals when broken,
this will spell Earth’s destruction
The Bible starts with Genesis,
and ends with Revelation
Seven represents fullness,
Seven represents completion

With you I am whole completely,
when you take my hand
With you I am filled absolutely,
like time glass’s overflowing sand
Seven years may have passed,
since you don my wedding band
Eternity my love will last,
till the very end

This post was submitted by Benny Kueh.


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So much CHAOS
So much PAIN
So much WEARY

When are they gonna stop ?
Who else have to be crimes victim ?
Why are they doing all of this ?
Where is the love , nowadays ?

Enough CHAOS , for this
making mankind life
Enough PAIN , for we shall love each other
Enough WORRIES , for we will gain nothing
Enough WEARY , for we can enjoy life to the fullest

This post was submitted by jelyn.

Dear Subjects

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* Sanskrit is a subject of god,
which is as hard as a steel rod.

*physics is a topic of light,
a subject with which i always fight.

*chemistry is based on experiment,
in which i always score full percent.

*biology is a course of animals,
which tells stories without any morals.

*history is a past story,
which tells about our leaders bravery.

*geography tells us about earth,
and its study is so worth.

*the subject english is very good,
which i always like to read after my food!

*(This poem i want to dedicate to my friends: Apita,sweety subhra, sayanita, sagarika and so on…)

This post was submitted by V.KAVERI.

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