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My Love

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Oh my love
how can i survive with ur thoughts alone…
each funny little thing we shared …
each little tear … all goes in my mind
as a sun rise ……
i’ve hurt u dear i don deny ….
but still don go away from me…
i cant and i don want to live without u …..
my love is true dear …..
come back to me my life….
missing u in each moments …….

This post was submitted by Rajee Rajeev.


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I miss the days and times
we used to spend together
Holding hands, wishing
it would be like this forever.

The butterflies i would
get in my stomach whe
you touch me
because by then i knew
we were meant to be

I was meant for you
and you for me
God makes no mistake
this is how it’s suppose
to be

Now you are gone
far far away
I cry myself to sleep
Wishing there was something
I could do to make you stay
because babe, I cant live
this life without you,
there’s just no way…

This post was submitted by Prudence magadani.

Just Missing You

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Once upon a time…i believe in fairy tales…i believe in you…
i made a fool out of myself…and start loving you….
i close my eyes for every lies you make…
even though my own heart can no longer take it…

You were the only one…my only man…
but why is there another woman…
i have only loved you…and only you…

You said you cared for me…
and that you will always love me…
where are those promises…
now im all alone in my miseries…

You told me to wait…and im still here…
though i can no longer bear…
i miss you so badly…
it makes me cry and cry…..

This post was submitted by riyha.

I Miss You

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Without You.. My
Mind forgets to Think
Eyes forgets to Blink
Lungs forgets to Breathe
Ear forgets to Listen
Tongue forgets to Talk
Legs forgets to Walk

Come Back to me at least
before my Heart forgets to BEAT……

This post was submitted by Prasad.

Love Always

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I let myself know its time to let go,
i let myself feel what i know is real,
i am not feeling sad i am not feeling mad
i know what i must do even though i don’t want to,
i am letting it go i am letting it be,
i let myself now finally see what was right in front of me
i held on too it so tight because it just felt so right
now i see it wasn’t meant to be,
I’ll remember the fun that we both had
the good times we shared and even the bad
but now it is gone and you know it is true but you should know ..
i will never forget you… ? ?

This post was submitted by larry.

I Feel You

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In a whisper I hear you name.
See your shadow in the moonlight.
I hear your voice on the dawn of rain.
I see your smile in the sun so bright.

I see the twinkle of your eyes on a starry night.
I feel your breath on a summer breeze.
I feel your touch in a floating feather so light.
I hear your laughter in the ruffling leaves.

I see us dancing in the sway of the trees.
In a cloud I see the shape of your embrace.
Your soothing tone in the buzz of bumblebees.
In the river a reflection of your face.

This post was submitted by Angela Neil.

Forever Lonely

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Lonely in days when I miss you.
as now it is forever as you left me forever.
Tears of sorrow filled my heart and soul
as you left me without saying a word.
Forever in darkness you left me
I wished you would be back,
to bring me from darkness to light.
But those days were just like a dream
which never would come true.
Now that I understand
friendship is just a hi when we meet
and a goodbye when we leave.
Forever lonely in this world
living in your memories.

This post was submitted by Alina Lee.

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