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I Miss You

DownUp +177

I never thought that I’m gonna miss you,
The friend I cherish and treasure like you.
I really never thought that I’m gonna miss you,
But here I am now missing you.

I remember the days when we’re together,
We’re like Romeo and Juliet as lovers.
Hangin’ on the phone talking to each other,
But here I am now alone to suffer.

You make my world go round,
You make me hear sweet sound.
You make my feet standing firm on the ground,
But here I am now, missing you and so down.

Will you ever come back to let me stand?
Is there a time for me to hold your hand?
I hope that time will come that I’ll never gonna miss you,
‘Cos that time is the time I’ll say that… I Love You!

This post was submitted by Chris M..

A Picture of You

DownUp +20

Everyday I think of your face,
Worrying if you’re sad, happy..
Imagining the day you are miss,
I seldom grace your so called beauty…

I open my own diary.
Suddenly, your pictures caught me..
Your face, your smile, killing me softly.
Remembering things we used to be…

Reading your letter seems funny,
but makes me feel I was empty.
Tears began to fall, flows heavily.
For how long will I have to carry?

Picture of you, I didn’t lost.
Keeping it hanging on my wall..
You are important that’s why I post.
Completing my masterpiece at all…

I’m writing this thing with safety.
For you to know I’m not angry..
I was hurt when you love somebody.
Thinking of me that I was crazy…

I tried to console everything.
Deeply hurt, don’t know where going..
I think my heart is slowly dying.
It beats faster even I’m crying…

Why do I have to cry, pictures?
When we’re not meant for each other?
You leave me alone, now I’m fracture,
Even feel the cold breeze of summer…

Now, I have to lay on my bed.
Forget about this haunted past,
Singing all my heartaches in the field.
Not forgetting your pictures laid rest…

This post was submitted by Broken Symphony.

I still miss you

DownUp +23

When you left for your flight
I was here left alone
in the dark unwelcoming home
how you would talk, walk, and do silly things.
I stride down the hall.
playing with my
rubber ball. what else is there
to do? but then i remembered
you said “See you soon”
my stomach turned to butterflies
I flew across my chair
awaiting your very arrival
there was nothing i couldn’t bear.
without a care
I called leaving ten million messages at the most.
waiting waiting
till you would come home

This post was submitted by Amanda.

I’ll see you soon

DownUp +41

Its been so long since I’ve seen your face
so long since our love has last bloom
but trust me when I say, I’ll see you soon
memories last forever
like our night under the moon
but dont loose sight because, I’ll see you soon
Your song to me is I Love You & it’s my favorite tune
Baby lets keep this love alive & it’ll never see it’s doom
We’ll pick up from where we left off, because I’ll see you soon.

This post was submitted by AwayLove.

I Tried….

DownUp +33

Whenever I have tried
Have been told i failed
whenever I have reached out
have stumbled and failed
whenever I have asked you why
you have turned away
refusing to reply.

I believed in keeping close
your beliefs were different
I am told
you don’t accept me anymore
maybe you were never sure!

When the cup of life is overflowing
with love and friends everywhere
I am too old and in your way…

As you grow older
maybe you will look back
you might see me in reflections
only then maybe you’ll understand…

This post was submitted by Lata Chhiber.

I wanna

DownUp +59

I wanna come and make
things better
i wanna come
just for you
i wanna come see you
cause i miss you
i wanna come to you
just to stop the tears
i wanna come to you
just to make you happy again
i wanna come for you
just to give you a hug
i wanna come to you
just to stand by your side
i wanna come to you
because i care
i care for you
and you only

This post was submitted by Sonya-Rae Maquinna.

To be with you

DownUp +29

She’s like a star ..
That’s been kinda far..
Hope she comes back soon..
For we could both be under the new moon..
Its great i got to know her..
but now i cant live without her..
If dreaming and wishing for things came true..
All i would ask is to be with you!

This post was submitted by Emerson Solorzano.

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