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Miles away

DownUp +23

When i found you
you were lost and alone.
I loved and protected you
with all the love i had.
you came to move me the same,
then you went away.
now I’m lost and alone,
wanting to hold you
close to my heart.
with miles between us
my love never fades,
waiting for you to return
to me someday.
we conquered mountains
of trials and troubles,
only to remain
friends and lovers.
i know you’re family needs you,
but i need you too.
come back to me safely
and my promise to you
is to love and protect you
as when i found you.
with miles between us
you are still dear to my heart.
let me love you, until you return
I’ll be as when you left,
only as one.

This post was submitted by tia.

Because i miss you

DownUp +28

I sit and cry in the hallway
just because i miss you
i can’t work
just because i miss you
i get mad easily
just because i miss you
i can’t think properly
just because i miss you
i sit and pout
just because i miss you
i can’t sleep right
just because i miss you
i get books
just because i miss you
i can’t stop talking to you
just because i miss you
i sit and argue
just because i miss you
i can’t stop thinking of you
just because i miss you
because i left you
i can’t do anything right
so I’m coming back
just for you

This post was submitted by Sonya-Rae Maquinna.

I miss you

DownUp +14

I miss your smell
I miss your taste
I miss your smile,
your face.

I miss the way we could stare into each others eyes and never get bored.
I miss the way I always felt complete when we were near.

I miss your eyes
I miss your hugs
I miss your warmth,
your glow.
But then i guess,
I just miss you.

This post was submitted by Shaylene.

Memories in time

DownUp +6

Memories so fond and dear
My memory is only clear when you are there
You do not understand my love
Actually not even I do

You are like a drug to me
When you look at me, passion flows through my veins
Soft tender, sweet and pure.
Rough, mind blowing and so confusing

Never to know wheat emotion will hit next
With you there is all, love, hate and passion
Freely flowing, attracting and disengaging
Pushing and pulling on an invisible rope

Which way we will go know one is know
A mystery that we are living
Minds unclear, a mist that fogs our senses
So until the sun rises where do I belong?

This post was submitted by Channa.

I Miss You

DownUp +18

I miss you.
I miss being with you every second
and moment everyday and every smile
I see warming my heart knowing you love me
and taking my hand for I was your girl.
I need you back in my life.
For I miss you so dearly.
All the things you’ve done so clearly for me.
I miss you.
I loved the times you would walk me back home
But wishing we could stay together all night and forever.
I miss your hugs.
I felt so safe when I was around you, but now that you’re gone.
My worries are showing with everyone knowing not helping the way you would comfort me.
I miss you. I miss you!!

This post was submitted by McKaila Andersen.

I miss you

DownUp +31

You’re so far away from me
This isn’t how it’s supposed to be.
This is just too hard
I want to be where you are.
I didn’t know I would miss you so much
I can’t wait to feel your touch.
I miss your beautiful smile
That’s something I haven’t seen in a while.
I’ll never understand
How only you can
Make all the bad disappear
And say all the things I need to hear.
The road is long
And the radio plays that same old song.
At night I lie awake
I no longer pretend to smile,
they know its fake
I sit and wait for your call
And sometimes you don’t call at all.
But, still I can’t let you go
It’s crazy, I know.
The only one i want is you
My love for you is so true.
The time is passing by so fast
Soon I’ll be with you at last.
And we can catch up on what we’ve missed
Nothing will ever change this.

This post was submitted by Santana Hayes.

I miss you is all I can say

DownUp +6

I can’t believe its gone,
The light you once shone.

Your smile i shall never see,
Is this the way it has to be.

Your words will stay,
In my heart where they lay.

Each tear,
Brings fear

And through this storm,
the thought of you keeps me worm.

I miss you is all i can say,
Each and every day.

This post was submitted by Victoria Tucker.

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