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I still love him

DownUp +46

The first time i saw him i knew it was love at first sight,
like the whole world had stopped for just that one night,
that’s not true anymore,
my heart is tired of being sore,
If he loved me why didn’t he stay,
I woke up and he wasn’t there that one day,
I still love him and i hope he comes back,
maybe without him i can get my life on track

This post was submitted by Kayleigh Schaefer.

Please Come Back, I Miss You

DownUp +5

Your always gone
I feel like I’m just your pawn
We use to lay all night waiting until it was dawn
But now that’s all gone
When you lay next to me
It was like we where in harmony
I miss you
You know that’s true
Me and you use to be attached like glue
We used to row in a canoe
Into the sun we use to drift
I’m still holding onto your gift
You never call
When we where together, I thaw
I miss you
You know that’s true
Our love use to grow
But now I know
Your always gone
I’m so withdrawn
I’m so alone
Please come back home

This post was submitted by joel.

Three Months

DownUp +19

I won’t forget the day you said goodbye
All I did was keep the tears back
Now living everyday a lie
Your love is something I just cant lack

Losing my best friend and my lover
Haunts me everyday I live
Scared that I wont ever find another
that’s just how my life is

Always thinking about you girl
Thinking that the time we had
Are all pointless memories in this world
Knowing that I wont ever have them back

Seeing your face everyday just makes my love deeper
Makes it harder to forget you
Every mountain that I climb will be steeper
Without your love to help guide me through

I don’t know what I can do
Its been three months
And I’m still in love with you.

This post was submitted by Jeff O\'Connor.

When You Are Away From Me

DownUp +5

When You’re Beside Me…
I Love You
When You’re Away From Me…
I Miss You
When I Miss You…
World’s Like Breaking and Never Gonna Be Usual
When I Love You…
It Feel So… Perfect and I Will Always Do…
When I Think Of You…
My Eyes Can’t Stop Seeing Your Photos…
When I Think Of You…
My Love To You Always Been Added… 100% by 100%
Coz.. I Love You So Much…
I Will Always Love You..
I Miss U..

This post was submitted by Yura.

I miss you

DownUp +22

Yesterday you smiled and said I love you.
Yesterday I cried and whispered I love you too.

Today you smiled and said Hello.
Today I cried and said Goobye.

Tomorrow you’ll smile and say nothing at all.
Tomorrow I’ll cry and sob I miss you.

This post was submitted by Jen…x.

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