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You were everything to me
You were the love i thought i had design for myself
But fate could be so cruel sometimes

I’d like to believe there’s still true happiness
That would walk in as soon as i open up the door
I’d love to believe i’m more than okay
Though it’s different from what my reflection shows

I want to scream until it reaches you
Scream until my voice make you stumble
I want to scream until you can hear no more
Scream until i get weak, can’t speak and just weep

Don’t avoid the aches creeping in my soul
Taste the bitter tears dropping on the floor
Every inch of me wants to see you crawl
Let me show you where i’ve been

Don’t look away see my existence
Even if you close my eyes you’d still see my presence
And with every air you breathe i’ll make you remember
The smell of grief underneath my skin

You cannot escape i’ll follow you everywhere
I’ll be the nightmare you thought you’d never had
And i won’t stop until i get satisfied
I’ll never stop until you’re out of your mind…

This post was submitted by Rhea Anne Paas-Rance.

Will You Come?

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If I say I’ll wait here for you forever will you come?
If I say I’ll be here for you forever will you be there for me?
If I say I”ll give you anything you want…
Will you do the same for me?
If I give you what you need…
Will you do the same for me?
If I say I’ll wait here for you forever…
Will you come for me?
If I say I’ll wait here for you forever…
Will you make me wait that long?

This post was submitted by Samantha R. Hyde.

To love you again

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I still remember those lovely talks
that i have done with you
those lovely nights that i spent
just thinking about you

I am alone now
but still don’t feel lonely
your love that you have forgotten now
Still makes me feel that i am yours only

sometime i got confused
whether i am cheating myself
By saying,i was in love with you
Because you have left me
as i was none for you..

But How can you forget
those days and nights..
when we have done love and
so many fights..
Now when i want to talk to you
just for some moments
then why you want to stay so quiet..

I must say
Loving someone like you is not so easy
It is really making me insane..
But still I want to meet you once
To love you again..

This post was submitted by Pragati Gupta.

You Made Me Smile

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You made me smile.
You made me laugh.
You left and made my heart break in half.
Everyday is a struggle, without you here.
I remember when you sat on the couch with chips and beer.
Every memory.
Every thought of you.
When someone mentions your name, makes me lose my mind,
makes me go insane.
I remember watching football and baseball too.
I remember your ‘cheers’.
I remember your ‘boos’.
I remember when you taught me how to shoot hoops.
Now i’m on a team and all I think about is you.
When you left I knew life wouldn’t be the same.
And every shot I get tonight will be in memory that it’s “your game”.

This post was submitted by Alyssa Peterson.

How much i miss u

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Do you know how much i miss u?
try to count the stars…

the once u could count,
is how much you miss me

And the once you could not count,
is how much i miss you.

This post was submitted by Dilo.

Miss You Mom

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your sweet voice haunts my mind.
I see your face in my dreams at night,
Your visit is always sweet and kind.
Although you are not with us at this time
I feel your energy; A warmth like sunshine.
I remember how you gave your motherly advice
And your casual conversation was always nice.
Sometimes I feel lost without being able to tell you
Hello or Goodbye.
I feel like there’s nothing left to do but cry.
But I know you would want me to stay strong
I dry my tears and fight to move on.
But still missing you;
Reality creeps in and I think of good times
We miss you but we have to go on with our lives;
I get lonely knowing we will forever be apart
But your memory lives on and will always be in our hearts.

This post was submitted by chandan roach.

Because you Make me Smile

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Because you make me smile,
You make everyday worth the while.
For every time I see you standing here,
I will always get the feeling that you’ll always be near.
You are the butterfly I feel deep inside,
That feeling of love that i can not hide.
Your eyes, do shine, so ever divine,
It Captures my heart, it captures my mind.
The sound of your voice makes me shiver and quiver,
Just like an angel, you make my heart grow bigger.
I can feel your pulse,breathing in love from even a mile,

Because you can always make me smile.

And yet i still dont know why nor how to,
but i cant seem to keep my eyes off of you.
Is it really love that consumes our lives,
or is it all bitter lies.
But i still believe we can live forever,
we just need to stay together, I know it will get better.
Even if you cant, ill still wait another while,

Because you can always make me smile.

This post was submitted by David Villanueva.

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