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Please come back, please come back…

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I miss you like crazy
When I think about past moments with you
I get dizzy
I wish you were still here with me
Sitting at the park with you under a tree
You gave me no reason to why you left me
Every night broken dreams
Listen baby
If you never loved me
Why did you say yes to me

Sleepless times is what I like
Because your in my mind
Its like I’m in flight
I ain’t gonna stop the fight
For your love
Because your all I got.

This post was submitted by Carlos.


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I am here alone in my room

Thinking those times that we’d met before

It starts in the bleachers, that so memorable

And you are just a friend that I’d fall for

Every time I seat in the bleachers

I always remember our bonding together

I feel so happy when I am seating there

Wishing that someday we will be together

I know that you love someone

But my feelings for you will never gone

I still waiting that you love me too

Though it hurts for me to know that you won’t do

I’ve tried to overcome the pain

Wishing this pain will fade away soon

Control the tears from my eyes

Nothing to blame but this foolish heart of mine

You broke my heart and torn it apart

I’m tired of everything

Tired of hoping that you feel the same way

But sad to say it end hopelessly.

This post was submitted by cHeLLe08.

I love you, even from Far away

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I never said what I wanted to say
why should I anyway?
You said you’d be leaving soon!
I made my choice, everyday
And since you aren’t here
I’ve only these words to say:
I miss you, come back soon!
I love you, wherever you go,
and right now, that’s far away!

This post was submitted by Jessica.

I want one more day with you

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I’m so sad and depressed
Is all I want to do is rest
I go to sleep at night
But my dreams I just can’t fight

I think of you lying in that bed
And wonder if there is anything I could have said
I wish you were still here
But I know that you are still near

I love you more than you know
I just wish you didn’t have to go
I just want one more day with you
And I know that’s what you would have wanted too

I miss you more and more each day
There is so much more we had to say
I know I will see you again
But my life is just started to begin.

This post was submitted by rebecca.

Missing Him

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Play me some sad Songs
So I can’t hold in the tears
Finally letting out the pain
that I’ve held in for years
Drowning in my sadness
Losing myself to hurt
Stains of tears and mascara crowd my white t-shirt
Visions of his face
And how he made me feel
Now my heart wonders if any of it was real
Imagining his voice
And thinking of his touch
Thinking all the time of why I miss him so damn much.

This post was submitted by Cortney Fullerton.

Just A Dream

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We’ve been apart,
From the very start..
But how far can you be,
When I feel you right next to me..

Little by little you’ve been fading away,
But I keep fighting for your image to stay..
The beautiful voice that once echoed through my head,
Has become silent, cold, and vivid instead..

I loved you then and I love you now,
I haven’t forgotten you and I won’t start now..
But I still want to hear your voice somehow,
Just to now if we can work this out..

My heart cries out for you,
And it makes me cry too..
Because the song it has written for you,
Would make you cry too..

The song you made for me makes me smile,
And when I sing it, it makes my thinking of you worth while..

I called it your hit single,
Even though it was simple..
I love that you did it,
And I love it when you sing it..

And every night before I go to sleep,
I pray and wish that all of this is just a dream..
But I guess I can’t do anything but sleep,
Because whether I like it or not, life is but a dream..

This post was submitted by Waldir.

Missing you

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I fell in love the moment
You looked at me that night,
Your kiss was warm and tender
Arms that held me tight.
You always walked beside me
All thro’ our married years
But then you had to go away
And Iv’e cried so many tears.
I still love and miss
so very, very much,
Miss your kiss and twinkly eyes
Your loving tender touch.

This post was submitted by Audrey Spencer.

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