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I can see you two

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I can see you in my dreams
even in my thoughts
and most of all
i see you
in my prayers

I miss you guys
even though
we never met
i know you guys
are watching down on me

I can see you two
by my bed when
i can’t sleep at night.
I know you guys are there
and are always in my heart!

I will never forget you guys,
and hope you will
always look down on me
and protect me from bad or good

I will be with you guys some day
hopefully not soon though
i love you guys
and i know you love me too
i only wish i could have met you two
for i hear you two were great people

Dedicated to my Grandma and Uncle Daniel.

This post was submitted by Brianna J..


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Mind is foggy,
heart feels like ice.
i never told you my feelings,
now i pay the price,
your in my dreams every night.
and when i wake up,
your no longer in sight.
you were always there for me,
and you always knew what to say,
every minute, every hour.
every bad day.
now your gone ,
and your only in my mind.
all i want to say is,
your one of a kind.

This post was submitted by Samantha Brockway.

You Are Here

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Even though you’re gone,
I know you are here.
I miss you every day.
I wish you were near.

People call me crazy,
‘Cause we never met,
but you’re in my heart,
I’ll never forget.

You’re in a good place,
and I know you are.
You’re in the heavens above,
but that is too far!

I feel like I know you,
and you can understand,
I would do anything,
for us to be hand in hand.

I hold your teddy,
when I’m feeling blue,
I whisper out loud.
“I miss you…”

This post was submitted by Jozi.

Will you?

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If I could follow, would you be my lead?
If I should fall, would you be right there,
Waiting to catch me?
If life puts a hole in my world,
Would you patch it back for me?

I’ve never been so vulnerable.
I’m going to just let myself go.
So, hold me tight.
And when I cry,
Let me know everything is going to be alright.

If I should call you name,
In the middle of the night,
Can I expect an eager heart,
Rushing to my side?

If I could follow, would you be my lead?
If I should fall, would you be right there,
Waiting to catch me?
If life puts a hole in my world,
Would you patch it back for me?

You’re going to be there,
To help me to pursue my dreams,
Recreate all the memories.
Let ourselves fall into each others

Through the time gone by,
You have lifted me off my feet,
Put my head up in the clouds,
Gotten my heart lost in a deep blue sea.

Baby, I miss you beyond all belief.
The way your arms would wrap around my
Waist, telling me you missed me.
You would whisper those sweet words,
So softly in my ears.
I long to hear that sweet liquid voice,
But I know you are to far to from here
To grant my wishes.
But I will still ask,

Can I ask you tonight,
Just to please, hold me tight?
I need you with me tonight..
For I am falling,
Into a vast, open heartache.
All I ask is for you to be here,
By my side, holding me tight.

This post was submitted by Amanda.

Come Back

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Things were just so sad,
being alone was just so hard.
feelings never ended,
just d expressions did.
but u tot love was no more,
even before thinking a little more.
now its d dawn of our love,
but i still wish for a new day.
my days ends with hope,
dat u and me wud b tied in a love rope.
missing u sweetheart,
missing u my heart?

This post was submitted by farha.


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The summers over old friends have moved on
They’ve found new places to carry on,
The falls wind will bring new change,
To bring new perspectives and to rearrange.

The winter season will draw them near
But only for a short while dear,
Then forward again to their new live,
Some finding husbands, mates, or wives.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of the past
When people believe it will always last.
Maybe in spring you will meet for a day,
Talk of old times the quietly slip away.

No matter how much time passes through the years
Or how much the seasons change,
You’ll always have your memories,
To bring you back again….

This post was submitted by Judy Strelek.

Am I Wrong?

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Tomorrow never knows,
I want to see your smiling face again,
But when I reach closer I can’t see it,
The Tear-stained nights when i call your name,
Do you hear me crying our for you?
On those cold rainy days, wrapped in my coat,
Secretly I wait hoping you’ll hold me in your arms
Im haunted by you, your eyes,
The ghost of you asking me why we left;
The question i yearn yo ask,
Do you remember me?
I want to come see you,
is later alright?
There won’t be a later.

This post was submitted by Sunni Lynch.

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