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I miss who I thought you were

DownUp -1

I miss you
I miss your smile
I miss your eyes
I even miss your kiss goodbyes
I miss your hugs, I miss your voice
I wish I was at least given a choice
To keep the old you…
or this person you’ve become
I miss who I thought you were.

This post was submitted by Stefana.


DownUp -1

When the stars lights upon the sky,
sun ripples upon the sea,
when clouds go sailing by,
when loneliness grips me,
when tears cloud my eyes with a joyful memory,
i remember my old ties…

This post was submitted by Mohsin Ali.

Come Back

DownUp -1

I miss you, my boy
Please come back to me.
I love you so badly!
You’re all I want,
All I need.
Without you…
No need to breathe

Hoping, wishing, dreaming too
You’d call me up and say “I miss you”
I cry a lot of tears for you
Thinking when you were mine
Praying that we’ll be again everyday.
At least let’s be together again…

I just hope… just wish…
You’ll think of this….
‘Cause You’re still my world
This is from your old baby girl.

This post was submitted by Amber Lee.

Only You

DownUp +1

Here i am…
today all by myself
Never would I have thought
i could care so deep about someone else

Wishing we had more more time,
maybe it could have worked out

Was this meant to be..?
I would not know,but for some reason I still do believe that we,
you and me,were meant to be…

Tears are running from my eyes,
just wishing that you were here, here with me

Missing you like crazy
Hoping one day we will meet again

This is for you and only you…(R).

This post was submitted by Charlene.


DownUp 0

Oh how we miss you
As the years tick on bye,
Life without you mother
Brings tears to our eyes.

This week would be your birthday
Your not here for us to see,
It’s all in number
The special number 3

The 3/3/33
Was the yr that you were born,
But then you had to leave us
cos god called you to his home.

So come on Marie, Joan and Queenie
Irvin Doug and Uncle Donny,
Join in the fun and celebrate
With our mum, your sister Polly!
Happy Birthday mum!
We all Miss you all so much.

This post was submitted by sue hampton.

Do You Miss Me ?

DownUp 0

Leaving You Is The Hardest Thing I Could Ever Do
Its Not What I Wanted
You Thought It Was Best
I Miss You
Do You Miss Me?
Do You Think Of Me?
Like I Think Of You
Why Do We Have To Say Good Bye?
Why Cant We Say Hello?
I Get Butterflies When I See You
What Do You Feel When You See Me?
I Want To Kiss You
Do You Want To Kiss Me To?
I Dream About You When I’m Asleep
What Do You Dream I Hope Its Me?
You’re In My Mind All The Time
Am I In Yours To ?
Was Leaving Me Hard For You?
Like It Was For Me
They Say I Can Do Better
What Do You Say To That?
I Need You
As Much As You Need Me
I Lost You
You Lost Me
We Werent Happy As We Used To Be
You Arent Happy With Out Me
Then You Were With Me
I Love You
Do You Still Love Me?
My Feelings For You
Will Never Stop
For Me?
I Will Just Have To Wait And See
How You Trully Feel For Me
Why Cant You Tell Me You Love Me?
Like I Say To You
I Need To Hear It
For Me Will You?

This post was submitted by Yesenia Pinedo.

Message In A Bottle

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It’s been a few years since you left
I feel as though it was yesterday
Summer nights By the lake
God, i wish you’d stay

I long for you my dear
When i think of you I stumble
Like a city Falling down
As it feels the rumble

I know you want the fame
Along with that comes wealth
Rising up Like a star
I wish you knew my health

As i lay in this cold bed
Thinking of my bold cancer
Feeling timid Very weak
I dream of you, a dancer

I hope you find this letter
Sailing the ocean blue
Those three words
I once said You make me say, I Love You.

This post was submitted by Brett Galloway.

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