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Missing You

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Your memories are precious,
Like a treasure for me,
Your memories are fragrant,
Like roses,like jasmine,
Your memories are bright,
Like the vibrant sunlight,
Your memories are lively,
Like the bouncing sea waves,
Your memories are evergreen,
Like a money plant creeper,
Your memories are oxygen,
Pumping my heart each second.

This post was submitted by saba irum.


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I know it’s been less then a month
since the last we have seen each other
though it feels like it’s been more
distance is hard but your always in my heart
I’ve been counting down the days
when you’;ll be back home
every morning i wake up with a smile why?
because it’s a day closer for
your arrival.
i don’t want anything bad to happen to you
i don’t want your absences, i want you here with me!
i apologize for if there have been any times
if i ever hurt you,insulted you
through a fit
if i ever over reacted
i just don’t want to loose you,
i care for you.
i miss your sweet kisses
your long hugs,your cute compliments
your calls,your text
Above all “i miss you”
-i love you.

This post was submitted by Jessica .

Love You

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I love you my dear, I miss you my dear
Days are long n nights are longer
Time stops every time my mind starts to wonder

I love you my love, I miss you my love
Flower and sky
Or the birds flying high
Nothing seems right
Though sunny & bright

I miss you my love, I really miss you my love
Faith in my heart
& hope in my eye
Keep waiting for the day
That will bring us close by

I am sure you are my love,
I am sure we will come close my love.

This post was submitted by Maaru.

I Miss

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There is a glass wall
Between us
But I can’t see through
All I can see is
How much I’m missing you
I miss your touch,
I miss your taste,
I miss your smile,
I miss your face,
I miss the way you
Make me laugh
When I’m feeling down,
I miss you from day to day
I hope we never part
and that you are
Here to stay.

This post was submitted by Tigerbabe.

Missing You…

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Seeing the autumn leaves fall,
It’s so different without having you by my side,
To embrace the incoming winter.
You’ve Been gone for so long now,
and though You live down the street i stay away cause I don’t want you in trouble.
I still miss you every single day…..

This post was submitted by Nyssa C..


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I can not hear you,
I can not see you,
I can not touch you,
But i feel u around me always,
I know you are there,
Deep inside,
Hidden in my heart,
This is where you are,
This is where you belong,
It’s been so long
I miss you,
Every breath i take,
Brings me a step closer to you,
Sometimes i wish i didn’t have to wait,
To be with you,
To see you,
To hear you,
To touch you,
To feel your arms around me,
Holding me tight,
Keeping me safe
I love you mom
Always and forever.

This post was submitted by jeannette.

With Every Beat

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With every beat of my heart
I hear the words I couldn’t say.
They echo in the darkness
and shine throughout the day.
Thump, thump. I miss you.
I wish that you were here.
Thump, thump. I love you.
I’m happiest when you’re near.

The words that do come out
only hurt us more.
What I should have said was
“You’re the one I’m living for.”
Thump, thump. Please stay.
I need you in my life.
Thump, thump. You’re the one.
I want to be your wife.

I know now that you are gone.
You left and I’m alone.
I’m getting stronger every day,
yet nothing’s set in stone.
Thump, thump. I’m alive.
I’m finally doing alright.
Thump, thump. I still love you.
I still cry for you at night.

This post was submitted by Addie.(:.

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