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Mother’s Day Plans

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She lay her head down to rest
For she knew tomorrow would be the best
She woke up in a tired mood
Then she heard her husband say “I made you food”

She went down the stairs
She sat on her chair without a care
She ate and her spirits soared
After that she asked for more

Later that night
outside her mothers sight
The lass made a bath
Her mom+bath, you do the math

After that, by light a candle gave
The mothers lass gave a massage to save
She gave the mother flowers
She smelt them, oh no they weren’t sour

A present of a flying creature
Was a wonderful feature
To her day/night
The girl thought what she done was a nice sight ?

This post was submitted by Auriel Long.


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Our mothers are here for our safety and care
While you, the baby, just stare
They cook, clean, weep, and sigh
But what do you do you whine and cry

You grow up a few years
And as much as you try
You never forget
That kid inside

Your grown-up to be an adult
Up to your age with mature insults
But again you look back to what mom said
“Attitude is everything”

You grow old and fragile
Like your mother once was
Before she died knowing
Your on your own

You start to remember
Your fun-filled life
When mom was there
To make you alright

But now your alone
All old and mature
Now your grown up
Just like her.

This post was submitted by Mariah Wright.

We will miss you

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Mom I understand
that God does have a plan

When God create you, there was a reason.
Someone to love us and care for us
without rhyme or reason.
Now God has come an pluck you at this time
and this season.

Just the other day
the angles came
and took you to heaven where you can
walk dance sing
and breath again So mom
how are those angle wings?

I want you to sing
like you never sang before
I want you to dance
until you can’t dance no more

And when it’s our time
we want to see your face waiting for us at heavens door

So today we are going to celebrate
in everything
that made you great

We love you
and will see you soon
so rember to save us some room

So today we can find peace
And today
you can finely breath……
Thank you so much for loving me.

This post was submitted by Shannell.

My Mother

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There is a woman i aspire to be,
So gentle, kind and honest is she.
She thinks of others before herself,
She has a loving family but sadly no wealth.

Shes graceful, funny and intelligent too,
Loving and kind but sometimes blue.
She tries to always look for the silver lining,
Even when the sun isn’t shining.

Shes raised 3 kids whilst having a career,
A heavy feat, without showing fear.
She advises and listens to our woes,
She helps us rise above our foes.

My mother is the lady i speak about,
Shes one of her kind, there is no doubt.

This post was submitted by Kim.


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I’m so grateful for having
mother like you.
Who took care of me,
Since I was baby and until now.
For giving my great name,
For guiding me in the right path.

For your tender loving care.
I’m so blessed that you are my mother.
Thank you for being here beside me all the time.
For without you I may not exist.
The day that we were together is the day that I can
say the most unforgettable moment in my life.

Your one of my precious treasure that I ever had.
The reason why I’m living,
I get my strength to you,
To face all the challenges in my life.
Thank you for helping me to reach my goal.

For your sacrifices and efforts,
well appreciated

This post was submitted by JOAN MANACOB ASETRE.

Mommy Dearest

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Dear Mommy, Mommy,

Tell me why you beat me
This world is hard and already cold
so why do you miss treat me?

You shout me words
and say mean things
that cut me like a knife

The things you do
the things you say
will shape my entire life

So I will bend my knees and say my prayers
to our father up above
that he might strike that cold black heart of your
and fill it up with love.

This post was submitted by Shannell.


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Oh how we miss you
As the years tick on bye,
Life without you mother
Brings tears to our eyes.

This week would be your birthday
Your not here for us to see,
It’s all in number
The special number 3

The 3/3/33
Was the yr that you were born,
But then you had to leave us
cos god called you to his home.

So come on Marie, Joan and Queenie
Irvin Doug and Uncle Donny,
Join in the fun and celebrate
With our mum, your sister Polly!
Happy Birthday mum!
We all Miss you all so much.

This post was submitted by sue hampton.

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