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Mummy I Still Love You

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i try to hug you,but you walk away
i tell you i love you, you say that’s okay
did i do something mummy to make you feel this way?
i love you still and more everyday and in my heart you will stay.
even though you will always walk away.
you dont make it easy but i can safely say mummy i still love you to this day.

This post was submitted by anonymous.

A Child’s Admiration

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I sit down and reminisce my childhood days
She’s my hero
Her beauty glows each day
Like a blooming flower
With a smile that can inspire a desperate heart
And a touch that can subside the pain
Her bosom like a sun
Shining through every corner of the house
Giving life and spirits to her family
Her unconditional love can overcome a cloudy moment
Like a magic that turns everyone lively and gay
At first sight she’s like every body
But to my family
She has extra power and ability
And imagine living in this world
Without a mother who cares.

This post was submitted by saintgoody.

The Price Of War

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I’ve born a Son
Now the time has come
He goes to war on a forign shore
What will return after he is done

I am now old and He is far away
What will He become my only Son
I Pray, for his safe return
Just like he left, His life not done

Must he return time after time
Chance limb and life in another land
What s price he pays, till the war is won
Mychild, my only Son

Must He learn to kill, a mothers Son
And what will be won, when war is done
When he comes home, will he be whole
Or maybe he won’t God rest his soul

I’ll bare no more to send to war
To whom do I owe this sacrafice
Offer my only Son to give his life
Had I known, there would be no Son

This post was submitted by W H Rayburn.

Sweet Mama Miles Away

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How dear to chant this
Whats inside my heart ?
Look inside into my hear
And see what I’m feeling.

The dark shadow that my heart
Is bombareded with
All nights are nightmares,
I can’t sleep nor dream,
The unsuspecting darkness in my room,
And in the night I wish you’re here,
Where are you mama ?

Deep inside is the wail of my heart,
Missing you mama,
I never ever wanted a bridge betwixt us,
Our love for each other is pure,
My heart aches of not seeing you here,
Like indecission to call you mama
And hear the sweet voice of treason,
I’m glad when you’re coming home
And stop this pain inside my heart.

The clock ticks onto the wall
But not faster enough.
I try to be strong but I’m not enough,
When I feel your embrace it be all right.

What I’ve for you is worth it,
Its worth the missing you tears
Dried down on my cheeks,
The pain from not having you close,
It’s worth the love you instilled in me
At birth and childhood
I want to pay back,
Its worth it ‘cuz you’re my one and only,
It’s worth the good Memoires we had
And I crave mama.

When I picture myself years from now,
I see only you inside me,
I see a phenomenal woman inside me,
A strong invicible lady, my mama.

Whilst I’m talking to you mama,
I’m missing you mama,
Distance can’t apart us,
For memories span the miles
And in seconds we’re together,
But when I start feeling sad,
Becuz I missing you mama,
I reminsce myself how lucky I’m
To have you precious mama, my life,
I miss you when something really good happens,
Because you are the one
I want to share it with.
I miss you when something is troubling me,
Because you are the one
Who understands me so well.
I miss you when I laugh and cry cuz
I know that you are the one
That makes my laughter grow and my tears disappear.
I miss you all the time, but I miss you most
When I lay awake at night and think of all the
Wonderful times we spent with eachother,
For those were some of the best times of my life.
I Miss You Sweet Mama.

This post was submitted by Kiyaga Lyttle Cephas.

Mom is to become 50

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It’s nifty
to become 50.
Your family will be holding
a party in your name.
There will be all
kinds of cake, candy
and drinks.
Please come early and
for Heavens sake don’t forget
your teeth.

This post was submitted by Frank HOulihan.

Missing You

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your sweet voice haunts my mind.
I see your face in my dreams at night,
Your visit is always sweet and kind.
Although you are not with us at this time
I feel your energy; A warmth like sunshine.
I remember how you gave your motherly advice
And your casual conversation was always nice.
Sometimes I feel lost without being able to tell you
Hello or Goodbye.
I feel like there’s nothing left to do but cry.
But I know you would want me to stay strong
I dry my tears and fight to move on.
But still missing you;
Reality creeps in and I think of good times
We miss you but we have to go on with our lives;
I get lonely knowing we will forever be apart
But your memory lives on and will always be in our hearts.

This post was submitted by LaTisha Gaylor.

I Love You Mom

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You’re the person in my life, in my heart
who i will never forget
you gave me everything and filled my every part
I have nothing to regret

You were beside me at my side
when i was weak and tired
when i was sick
while i was filled with pride

You always supported me
in my troubles in my pain
your a ‘role’ for me to see
your my relief in my strain

I am sorry for everything
for everything i have cause
I love you, your the song i sing
forgive me i know things get worse

This post was submitted by proxy.

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