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Our Mama’s Hands

DownUp +22

I saw you looking at your hands with disgust
You hate them now and hide them you must
But mama, there’s no shame in hands so worn
Because all they’ve touched since you were born

You say you hate them ‘cause they’re so frail,
So veined and aged and red, not pale
You don’t remember how much they’ve done
To bring the 5 of us to who we’ve become

You don’t remember the love they’ve shown
The tireless tending to us we’ve known
To tying the shoes and showing us how
To guiding us through all we know now

You don’t remember they’ve nurtured us well
That they soothed us so tenderly when we fell
That they hugged and held us when we were hurt
That they scrubbed and cleaned us of the dirt

You don’t remember that they wiped our tears
That they gave us a refuge from our fears
That they washed and doctored our injured knees
And they offered a tissue when we sneezed

You have no reason to hate them now
Without those hands we would not know how
To use our own hands as you once did
To soothe and nurture and worries to rid

We can hopefully teach our young ones now
That our hands are special and that somehow
It all began with your loving hands
They are so special and that’s how it stands
Mama, don’t hate them, ‘cause they’re etched with love
And Daddy’s patiently waiting to hold them, up above

This post was submitted by Marcella L True.

A mother

DownUp +16

Where are you when I need you?
when I reach for your hand
the times when i need you
when I need a friend
I still want your arms around me
when I walk into your room
… and you’re not there

Why does it have to be this way
why couldn’t you stay
why does he need you now
why’d he have to take you away

So many people dying
little children crying
why couldn’t I go too
was it too good to be true
No-one needs me like I need you

I lie awake praying for hours
why can’t you take me too
It’s hard to stand in your shoes
How can I be her guide
her wind
her light ahead
when I still need mine

Every day your memory fades
but the pain will never change
the pain.. will never change
I cry at your tomb, begging
please mama please
come back to me
please be the hand that lifts me
be the one that helps me stand

This post was submitted by Debi Lombardi.

True Beauty

DownUp +21

The beauty of my mother,
goes far beyond her looks.
The beauty of my mother,
goes far beyond her smile.
The beauty of my mother,
goes far beyond her touch.
The beauty of my mother,
is deep within her soul.
As I know now,
since I’m a mother,
she’s more precious than gold.
The love she feels,
is so unreal,
for the gifts she was blessed
to be given.
She is my rock,
my precious jewel,
the compass in my life.
She’s so forgiving
and courageous
through her challenges and strife.
Unfortunately, she’s an ocean away.
But luckily, I can call her to say,
“I love you…you are true beauty.”

This post was submitted by Anabela Loureiro.

Is it true?

DownUp +3

I feel the need to ask,
Unable to tell my self
Unable to ask anyone
Unable to ask you.

How could you?
Why would you do it?
To me you are baby girl
The most important thing
To you in the world

When comes to it all
You stood and watched me fall
All the way down
Down far to when I almost died

Now my life is filled with lies
That can’t compare to butterflies
My love is so sweet
For a moment
I thought I lost you and me!!!

Lately I have been thinking about
All the ups and downs
That seems to bring my life
Down and around
All the bends and dips Like a roller coaster

Being on a emotional
Roller coaster makes it all
Fall into place
My perfect world came to an end
But it was just a dream
That turned to reality….

This post was submitted by britni lowe.

My angel is my Mom

DownUp +18

We wake up everyday and we wonder where you are,
We cannot see you but we know you are not far,
I shall call you my angel for the things that you do,
And when you look at me i look at you the worst thing that there is losing you wherever i go,
So shall i be you ad you shall be me and forever we shall travel and be friends like a bee,
I love you my deer angel and i will always know,
That my lovely angel is bound to be my mom,
The person who looks after me and gives me shelter the it shall always is my lovely deer mom.

This post was submitted by shayley moon.

My Mom

DownUp +25

You look after me
You protect me from the dark
You gave me shelter and i respect you for the person that you are,
I love you mom which is what most people say but i love you every single day,
And that is why you are the best mom who i could ever say
Thank you deer god for giving me such a deer mom,
and i will always love you all the way from my heart and into your heart i love you.

This post was submitted by shayley moon.

Driver seat

DownUp +11

In the driver seat there is someone I know
This person is no friend or foe
But a person that I met so long ago
This person has been there in that seat
Steering along this narrow street
Over ups and downs and old concrete
She still seems to make ends meet
In the passenger seat he wasn’t for long
He felt as if he did not belong
So she pushed that aside and kept herself strong
And kept us steering along
She would not cry or complain
But I could see her pain
And the look in her eyes I could not explain
In the back seat sits my sister and I
Just along for the ride
Being driven by somebody with compassion and pride
In this ride of life
I have realized one thing
That no matter how hard it gets
It’s always clear
In every hour, minute, day of the year
My mom will always be there

This post was submitted by payton banks.

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