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What are we?

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What are we?
We are monsters destroying mother earth
We are destroying a lot of birth

What are we?
We are killers killing off nature
And always making a wager

What are we?
We are polluters polluting streams
And killing off all greens

What are we?
We are cleaners cleaning the drains
And acid rain are going good- bye soon enough

This post was submitted by Pratiksha Jain.

If Natures Suffers?

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If Nature Suffers…

Un-warranted and un-controlled civilization,
and exponential population explosion,
Open drainage and ever-growing pollution,
Human being creating all congestion.

Nature is bound to suffer,
Nobody really bothers.

Man-made Factories & industries releases harmful gases,
Added by vehicular carbon monoxide,
Is human being really bothering?
Leading to abnormal suicide.

Friends, get cautioned, awake and arise,
Stop playing with nature guys,
If nature starts playing with us.
Unwarranted and untimely deaths will rise.

My caution… let not the nature suffer,
Care and bother for the nature to prefer,
Save trees and let the environment be user-friendly,
Generation next will thank us surely.

Save nature and nature will save our generations.

This post was submitted by anshul bidwai.


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You look that river gently flowing by.
you notice the leaves rustling wint the wind.
you hear the birds.
you hear the tree frogs.
in the distance,you hear the cow.
you feel the grass the mud gives a little bit on the
river bank.
its quiet.
its peaceful.
and all of a sudden,its a gear shift inside you.
and its like taking a deep breath and going on.

This post was submitted by aileen.

Dancing Peacocks

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Dancing peacocks welcome the clouds

magnificent rainbow on feather

Connoisseurs of beloved motherland

Witnessed the artistry weather

Each raindrop like the pouring prism

reflecting the color of nature

Blooming soil happy to embrace

blessing seeds of the sky-lure

Lively landmarks by indomitable plughole

rhythms of dancing plants and buds

Chorus of frogs and beetles in high pitch

transparent screen of silky threads

Singing flow of water falls and rivers

expanding the arms to feed well

Sailing swans with lotus in the ponds

moving in the boat of the sound bell

Shining carpet of greenery grass -plants

saluting the gentle touch of the ray

Melody of the temple bells, while

illuminating the chariot on the tradition way

Silver edges, endless shapes golden layers

to the clouds of goodwill and hope

Milky-grains rising to the plants

drafting the eternal life-line of scope

Blessing souls of helping divine team

rain incarnating threw the flower plants

Shaping the route to reach the destiny

with holy-fertile- memorable events.

This post was submitted by Puttu Kulkarni.


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Nature, so beautiful, so mysterious
In nature we get in a lot of trouble Because we are so very curious
In nature we sometimes stumble and tumble
The very trees and bushes
Are full of wonder
The water in nature sometimes gushes
And we wonder if we grow even fonder
The animals are very bright
No matter what we think
I always see them in a different light
But never in pink

Nature, nature, so very beautiful
We sometimes forget to be extra careful.

This post was submitted by Charlie Night .

A Journey To The Nature’s Lap

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I pushed my way through the mob in a run,
stepping on the train , to embrace the fun.
curling down the window i peeped out,
ready to drink in the nature with open snout.
As the train gathered speed honking soft and meek,
i felt the cool breeze brush my cheek.
Leaving behind the cement trees passing by,
awaiting a new world, calm and quiet i lie.
fast and swift we the enter the nature’s soft lap,
hearing it’s faint sounds drowning in,train’s jazz and rap.
Pretty peacocks and open blooms i see,
gathering honey, to home, returning every bee.
Wetting every tree and rock the cloud glided high,
covering every blue inch of the sky.
Fascinated i look out eyes wide as doe,
i let the rain sink to my heart washing every woe.
biting into a chocs , onto windowsill , my head bent
i savored with it the soil’s fresh scent.
piercing the cloud with it’s every ray,
the sun shimmered keeping the dark at bay.
Bringing to light it’s colorful bow,
it shot rays at it’s dark foe.
Charmed by the pretty sight we sprinted on,
entering the city’s din of the morn.
I started to pen down this beauty-without-a-flaw.
Framing it to a song, still filled in awe………….!!

This post was submitted by Sanjay.


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Blue sky and sun shine,
all these are mine,
with greenery beautiful this is a the best week,
that children come out and play hide and seek,

The bird’s sound are so sweet,
that they have come to greet,
it’s time for the flowers to bloom,
and the garden will start to groom,

The trees are swaying,
as if waving,
east or west,
nature the best.

This post was submitted by sagar.

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