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In the summer, the sun shines bright
In the winter, the snow falling is white
In the fall, the sky is gray
In the spring, daisies grow all day
finally at the end of the year
It starts all over again, it’s all nice and clear

This post was submitted by Sarah Laasri.


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Wagging of leaves
Cool breeze approaching
By the sweetest wind.

Blue-clear Sky,
With sunlight gorgeous shines,
Striking the brown-toned-skin.

Snow melts on top of the mountains,
cause by the extreme.
Little organisms grows,
expressing their beauty of existence.

with according match of colorful sunglasses,shirts and bags
are the best trendy season-garbs.

Iced coffee and tea are the beverages for the thristy,
Wine for the intimacy and
Beer, to the hanging-out humane.

O Summer, O Summer,
have little time for us
In the few days to come,
You ganna be cold and silent.

Summer, we will miss you,
You brings life into our hearts.
Showing to us,the beauty and your purpose.

Summer… Summer…

This post was submitted by markdolorosa.


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She opens her eyes and stretches her wings.
She flies underneath the golden sun.
Wings in a pattern of purple and blue
Peacefully fluttering just about the yellow dandelions.
Her and her beautiful wings.

This post was submitted by Kendi C..


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Big oak tree
High upon a hill
So many things carved into its bark
Who will come next and leave their mark

It was a very big tree
Until its life was cut short
Taken down and striped of its branches
At a factory its bark shaven off
All of the memories destroyed and lost.

This post was submitted by Matthew Duggan.

Where spring stays long

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In my land i never had the seasons
changing in four months,
in a period of time…
I’ve been in West, just it was winter..
I was surprised to see snow falls..
looking through my window all day long,
amazed by the beauty of the snow flakes,
I loved the snow flakes..I love the snow fall
I really loved the white Christmas..

Then one day I saw a tulip springing in the ground.
some said its the sign winter is no more..
and its time to spring…
I never loved spring that time..
because memories of winter..was precious for me..
I lived like that..but it doesn’t last so long..
sumer came with sound and light..
I felt I missed my spring days..
so I waited for the spring to comeback for me..

hottest sun and lengthy days was good sometime but I hate summer
it doesn’t last too long but someone who came was
wonder full
I loved autumn leaves…
Autumn seems to be sad and silent..saying good bye…
then I realized winter will be soon coming with bitter snow and heavy wind..
now I don’t want winter to come….
but I feel like going back…
Back to my home..where spring stays long…

This post was submitted by feba.


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I sit on the branch, high and still
My feathers lay on my back, smooth and still
My large beady brown eyes stare at emptiness
My life is one.
My yellow claws grip the branch as the wind whispers past me
My ears twitch and i smell my prayer
White fluffy fur and his pink tail running on the ground
I leap off my branch, I’m in the blue sky
I dive down in my prayer.
My large claws grip what is there
I stay still, staring at the moon.
Silence is all around me.

This post was submitted by Lakhie.

The Butterfly

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Watch the beautiful butterfly
She emerges from her cocoon
Unsure but unafraid
Stumbling into the world
Captivating in sight
Everything else is dulled
By her color

Hold it gently
Clasped with both hands
Protect its beauty
From those who wish
To exploit it
Don’t smother her so
Block out blinding light
The wings are paper thin
Struggling against your palms
Her life will corrode away
Leaving nothing but dust
A whisper of a memory
And nothing more

This post was submitted by Tabitha Bennier.

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