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How I Feel Inside

DownUp +1

Sitting alone in the dark,
while i slowly start to mark.
Where the pain has to begin,
and slowly there comes an end.
As i sit here and start to feel dead,
everything becomes filled with red.
All i feel is your hurt,
then the darkness starts to lurk.
I cant keep living like this,
everything starts fading in the mist.
I allowed you to hurt me so much,
when all i needed was a punch.
You played every game in the book,
and left me standing here like a crook.
You already took all you wanted,
you could have at least made me feel like something.
This has to come to an end,
even if it means we aren’t friends.

This post was submitted by jessica.

The Photograph

DownUp -1

The photograph shows me a girl at 6

In a life filled beach

As cute as teddy she holds

As soft as the rose on her silky brown hair

Her eyes twinkled like a little star

I see thoughts of tomorrow away from her

What made her idle as a painted lonely girl today?

Upon the shores of fun filled ocean of life

What dimmed her brightness?

What caused the dullness in her eyes?

What made me not identify myself at 6?

The shadow of time has turned me unaware of past smiles

This post was submitted by Alana Abraham .

The past

DownUp +10

I walked down a muddy road once,
thought I’d never look back,
my feet clouded the dusty skies
and behind me I left a track.

I made a few wrong turns ,
none too proud,
I carried them around me like a shroud,
till one day I decided to turn around.

I walked backward to where I began,
my knees shook beneath me
and I ran,
all the way back

This path was none but,
the road of my life,
it colored me gray
from all of my strife

I walked back and forth
between the pasts
till I got tired, at last
I realized what I was looking for alas….

I traveled on the road,
through past and present,
looking for my future but then again,
as I decided to walk backward
the road lengthened

I will tell you why
because I wasted
a part of my present and future
looking for it in the past…

This post was submitted by meg.

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