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Life to me

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What does life mean to me,
It means depression as far as the deep blue sea,
Life is a very hard,
Like picking out a birthday card,
As I listen to music in my bed,
I have depressing thought fill my head,
Crying weeping ,
Sitting creeping,
It’s hard to be me in my age,
Some times it feels like I’m trapped in my own cage,
Heart brakes,
Painful regretful mistakes,
Go back to good times,
It seems like our lives are just slime,
Endless pain,
It seems like life is a struggling game,
Time no time in the end,
No worries this will never happen again,
This is the end of time for me,
My life is hard as u all see.

This post was submitted by Courtney Hoffmaster.

The Death Wish

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Why Sleep? if the sleep brings you nightmares
Why Dream? if the dreams always crashes and break like mirrors.

Why Live? if the life here and after equals horror.
Why Cry? if there are many existed rivers

Why Awake? if Awakening has no value
Why See? if seeing has no volume

Why Love? if love is pain
Why Wish? if all the wishes goes down to the drains.

This post was submitted by Khandaker Saadi.

Hard life

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I am how i am cuz of a hard life
I dont know how i manage all the pain, misery an strife.
Ill sit sometimes an ask god y?
Im a real tough dude an still wanna break down an cry.
I grew up rough an its all good
If i can go back i dont think id change my childhood
We all have it hard an different ways to go about it
U can say there is worse people, right now i doubt it
There is no limit on how much pain i can take
Yea itll slow me down but im not gonna break
Just cuz someone cant be beat doesn’t mean they always wanna fight
An just cuz i can handle it doesn’t mean i dont want things to be alright
Right now i got a lot weight on my shoulders
It just gets heavier an heavier as i get older
I train an train an that’s weight i just cant lose
If u wanna appreciate ur life just step in my shoes
I appreciate u reading what i write
i wont help most of u, but some of u it might.

This post was submitted by robert oregon.

A Strong Will

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My life has been hard,
and all my burdens great.
But I regret none of my choices,
I’ve made my own fate.
So take a look at my life,
and judge as you will.
God watches over me,
and cares for me still.
He blessed me with a child,
straight from heaven above.
With a spirit like an angel,
he fills my life with happiness and Love!

But jealously has created the harlots three,
The sloth, the addict, and the liar they be.
Pale skin hides they’re sullied souls,
with bodies like hags faces like ghouls!

Disguised as a friend the first did come,
the slovenly, the cruel, the downright scum!

A mans young life the second did take,
this foul addict, this thief, this snake!

Casting her foul shadow onto our lives,
the last one came using lies like knives!

But they harm only themselves’
with every evil stone they cast.
My foundations laid in brick,
and I have built it to last!

In the end it will be a simple mirror they face,
and see their lives empty, no honor or grace!
They never admit they’re own guilt you see,
but lie as they might they will NEVER be me!

This post was submitted by barbara martin.


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Do you wonder when you’re hurting
If it’s really all worthwhile
All that loving, caring, sharing
Just hoping for a little smile.

When you watch a loved one suffer
In constant pain, confusion too
Thinking back to all the good times
Knowing there’s nothing you can do.

Perhaps it’s better like a snail
To build a rock hard shell
To keep the pain and suffering out
But no, for we should tell

Our dear ones how we feel
To show we love and care
And even when they sometimes suffer
They know, for them you’re always there.

For if the clocks could turn back time
To good old days gone by
Wouldn’t life be so much better
No wonder we feel we want to cry.

This post was submitted by Coral Fallon.

Are we friends or more than that?

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I had you once,
And I let you go.
Times were tough,
I said lets just move on.

I wanted to know,
If you cared enough about me.
To say don’t let me go,
Let’s get past this and be.

To tell me everything’s fine,
That they will get better.
I can’t get you off my mind.
So to let you know I wrote this letter.

So many words were said,
I listened to them all.
As I laid in my bed,
That’s when things started to fall.

I stayed up late at night,
Thinking about you.
You told me it’ll be alright,
And I believed you too.

Things began to get worse,
We started to fall.
I didn’t know what to do,
Or who to listen to after all.

I ended things,
After only a short time.
It happened so fast,
An now im so confused.

I hate that things ended,
I still want to be with you.
Maybe in time,
You’ll want me too.

I now realize,
Listening to people was wrong.
If things work out,
Then maybe we do belong.

If not then,
That’s fine too.
I hope we can still remain friends,
Hopefully things don’t change.

This post was submitted by Alicia M..

Let Me Go

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Music take me away
Some other place, some other day
Help me find a way
For once to just be okay

Play the notes I need to hear
Bringing death oh so near
Don’t even bother to shed a tear
I know you wont think of missing me dear

Sing me your song so soft and light
It brings me comfort as I die this night
Let me go, do not fight
I’ll disappear like, in the sky, a kite

I hope the music will take you away
Maybe back to the old days
Help you hold on and find a way
Than maybe you too will be okay

I’ll play the notes you need to hear
But I’m playing them to keep death at bay and me near
Even though you have not, I will cry tears
I miss you so very much dear

Singing you your song so dark yet light
Maybe it will bring you comfort as I leave you tonight
I have lost you, lost this fight
Please let me go; you cant hold on to a flying away kite .

This post was submitted by Anna.

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