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Little Girl

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The girl was sitting there,
All alone.
With no one to hold.
She cries for reasons she cannot explain.
She can’t tell anyone.
Without changing her fate.
I want to help her.
But she wont let me in.
She wont break down that wall for me to get in.
Little girl. Little girl.
I want to save you.
She opens the door..
And what I see, Is, Me.

This post was submitted by Audre.

You were once my friend

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I lost so many friends and gained a few

But there’s one that I’ll never forget

That person was like family to me a real true friend

Till one day that person betrayed me

Its hard to believe someone so close to me

would ever want to do something like this

I trusted that person with everything

I was willing to die next to their side till the very end

Didn’t matter how bad life would get

that person was there through thick and thin

Yet somehow I was just used and betrayed

It still blows my mind that someone you call a real friend

someone you would consider family would do something like this

There really is no one to trust with your life

You can try and say you got my back

But its people like you i got to watch myself out for

Unless I want to be back stabbed and played the fool

I got a few close friends I can tell things

But not everything

I’ll never really trust anyone to the full extent

I’ll keep building walls as you keep trying to break them down

I’ll feed you lies making you think

That you and me have something special that we only share

Don’t really want to hear what you have to say

Don’t really care if you decided to leave today

I’m used to people walking out on me when I needed them the most

I”m used to hearing people say how their true and will always be there

When I need you the most somehow you disappear nowhere to be found

One thing I learned is the things I do, I do it for me

Not to impress anyone anymore

But to really satisfy my needs

Its sad that you were once my friend Now I don’t even know the person you are today

This post was submitted by Lupe.


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When you asked me
I shouldn’t have said yes

It went downhill from there
I shouldn’t have listened to people
I should have heard myself

You said those words to me
We should break up

It was easy liking you
But it’s hard forgetting you

Its time for me to move on
You asked another girl

I lost you as a friend
I wish that with time it can mend

Just let me say
I made the mistake.

This post was submitted by tori.


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I opened my wearied heart to you,
I thought you had done the same for me.
Instead, I’m empty-breasted, beaten, and blue;
A void dwells where my heart used to be.
You held it in those fragile hands,
I used to hold in mine.
All I received in return,
Were excuses, and wasted lines.
I race, and pace, and stand in place;
I grumble, and I grouse.
I splash cool water on my ghostly face,
I’m always awake in a sleeping house.
I cannot fathom why you would do this love;
Why you would leave me sad, and low.
I thought you were sent from up above;
But now I think you’re from down below.
I cannot lie, for you, I’ve cried
Since you took your love away.
But my foolish, selfish pride
Would not allow me to beg you stay.
And so I bid you a bittersweet farewell,
Now that we’re worlds apart.
It’s high time to pick up the pieces
But how does one mend a broken;
and shattered heart?
I will forgive, and I will forget;
Like I forced myself to do all along
So to say you’re just like the rest,
To me, does not seem very wrong

This post was submitted by Savannah Collins.

She sees the dark

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She sees the light,
She sees the dark.
She sees together,
and she sees apart.
She does not know
when her time will come,
She does not cry,
She does not run.
She patiently waits
inside her mind,
for someone to see
She is one of a kind.
Dreaming everyday.
She knows,
no other way.
Frightened and hopeless,
Never more, Never less.

This post was submitted by Dori.

You wernt even there !

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You knew what you were doing !
When you were sat there with your friends
I needed someone to protect me and love me 
But how would you know ! You were never there 

you had your chance you were given it fair
I bet you didn’t know that I’ve got your blonde hair
you probably didn’t notice you probably didn’t care
how could you ? You weren’t even there

I wished you could have seen me grow up
what a young lady I can be
but you loved drugs more how stupid could you not see ?
That you tore my life apart so much I care nt bare
you wouldn’t even know ! You weren’t even there

your still my dad I still cry every night 
but what you put me through your not worth the fight
I never got to say I went to my dads to play
I didn’t know where you went I didn’t know how you looked 
but you don’t care you weren’t even there .!

But your gone and I’ve missed the chance to say goodbye
you stupid man why oh why
you had your whole life ahead 
but you choose drugs to ruin your life and now your dead
but I guess I wouldn’t know I wasn’t allowed to be there.

This post was submitted by Lost in the world.


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she lies on her bed,
thinkin’ bout what she had done.
tears dripping down her eyes,
as if she had never cried before.

she’s loosing everything.
she lost her faith,
her love, her life,
& most of all her respect.

lost and defeated.
she doesn’t know what to do,
who to tell her sorrows to,
she trusts noone.

she looks for a way for her to stay strong,
so she can face her sorrows, her tears
& pretty much all of her fears.

she puts her head up high,
cuts out her painful past.
ready to face the world
& all of the bullsh*t ahead of her.

This post was submitted by sonia bola.

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