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Everyday Feelings

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Everyday feelings of love and hate
Everyday pains I’d like to negate
I’m sick of this world trying to bring me down
I may be a fool but i am no clown

I think its time to remove my mask of stone
For beneath i am but flesh and bone
And start to walk among the free
For only then i will find the real me

So if you’re looking and i am not found
Just put an ear to the ground
For i may be close or i may be far
Or perhaps I’m that beautiful shining star.

This post was submitted by C.Young.

16th Birthday

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I woke up to a day I didn’t expect,
To find my dad had already left.
I had to call him and tell him it was my birthday,
He said ‘thought it was Monday’.
I talked all day on the phone.
But in reality I felt alone.
All my life I’d wished and prayed to be
With dad on my birthday.
He said he’d be home at twelve.
I didn’t think he meant twelve at night,
And my birthday was gone.
Not a card, not a cake,
Just the feeling of being alone.
I guess wished sometimes don’t come true, But I’ll always remember
On that day I wasn’t with you . . .

This post was submitted by Candice - Louise Hearne.


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You left behind memories
you left behind tears
you left behind all of us

you went to a land way better then here
you went to a place where you gain wings
and a sparkling halo

but i guess you didn’t really leave
because once you got your wings
you flew right back to us

no we can’t see you
no we can’t hear you
no we can’t hug you
but we can talk to you
and that’s all that every matters

you comfort us
you wipe away our tears
you keep away bad dreams
you help through life
and what every it brings
you help grandma through pain
you her through each day

Thank you for coming back papa
Thank you for never truly leaving
Thank you for being my guardian angel
And thank you for being my hero.

This post was submitted by jaime.

My Mother

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When i was young, i saw that
my mother had these wings.
They glowed and shimmer and never seemed,
to go far from her reach.
Jealous i was, i wanted some,
to show off to my friends,
bu then one day she dint come back.
i was sure it was the end.
daddy said she took her wings and flew up to the sky.
and she would be back down one day t carry me up high.
so everyday i look up there, I’m hoping to see,
my mother soaring big and strong, still thinking of me.

This post was submitted by layla.

The Black Rose

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The fire creeps slowly, Mad as the wind takes it,

Up the stems quickly, Like a raging storm,

It cries out for help, But no one hears,

It turns to grey, It can’t breathe,

Slowly it changes, Dark as the night,

Black as the death it brings,

Ashes fall to the ground softly,

It turns to thick cold blood,

The rose is no more.

It is now The Black Rose.

This post was submitted by Paula Jordan.

I Am Tierd…..

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Tired of being perfect
Tired of pretending everything’s okay
Tired of pretending i don’t miss him
Tired of pretending i’m happy
Tired of living the life i live
Tired of putting a fake smile on
Tired of being someone i’m not
Tired of crying
Tired of everything.

This post was submitted by anonyms .

Bad Friend

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I can’t trust you.
I don’t want to.
You choose sides.
You don’t choose my side.
You’re not a good friend.
You have to be right.
You have to be the cool one.
I don’t like you.
I don’t want to be friends.
But, sometimes,
I look back and think of our memories.
Then, I think of how stupid they were,
and a waste of time.
Thanks, Bye.

This post was submitted by lizz.

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