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Fallen Angel

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I used to be a fearless angel,
With a halo and I could fly.
But you took my wings away.
So I cover my wounds and cry.
I try to take to the skies,
But my feet wont leave the ground.
Look at all of my tears.
As they glisens all around.
My life seems dim and cold.
As my arms reach out for you.
All alone in a darken corner.
With a heart so lonesome and blue.
Awake at morn, tears on my cheeks,
Screaming out your name.
I hate myself for everything.
Even though your the one to blame.
So I guess I’m a fallen angel,
With no where left to turn.
My once loving heart
In pain it starts to burn.

This post was submitted by Marissa Sauceda.

Mummy’s lost angel

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As i lay my head to sleep,
The thought of you i hold and keep,
Close in my heart, your special place,
I try and picture your small face,
You tiny fingers and tiny toes,
Your big eyes and button nose,
But all i hold are thoughts of you,
Your life was taken when you were too,
Small to notice either way,
Those butterflies, those words id say,
I love you my child and forever i will,
When i lost you the pain did kill,
It does not get easier as time goes by,
But i know you are safe now, up there in the sky,
With people that love you as much as i do,
That will tell you each day that i always will and i miss you too,
When i lost you, you were a butterfly in my tummy,
And now your apart of my soul as i am your mummy,
Il never forget you, you’ll always be a part of me,
And one day my sweet together we will be.

This post was submitted by Shannan.


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i guess now i know why it hurt,
like crystals my heart is broken,
tears flowing down my eyes,
enough said
but not enough to console me,
my friend left,
swinging above the clouds,
he’s gone to a better place,
better than where we are,
but it doesn’t feel the same,
my life is shattered,
another stream of my unending tears.

Rest in Peace buddy…..

This post was submitted by Christine Wangari.


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why did you leave when i was a child
i needed you so
why did say that i wasn’t yours
when i knew that we where the same
why did lie when i ask where you were
cause i needed but you were a jerk
why did you play with my emotions
knowing that i would get hurt
why did you leave i don’t understand
then come back and act like it was fine
the things you did really did
hurt now ill never be you
ill be there for my son and show him how much i really care
i will only leave just for work
i will go to his games and never forget that he is the number one pick
i wont be like you cause i have learned that my dad is a jerk
you are the only one i got so forgave for all that you have done
i will never how felt to be alone with only a mom
and dad to be home
i finally understand that it wasn’t me that was hurting it was you instead
but now i know i m a better man
cause i m not like you and i hope you understand
that i still love you dad that’s not a lie but ill never forget that you had to lie.

This post was submitted by steven martin.


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What am I doing here
Dressing up as something I am not
The dress is beautiful, but I am not
I can put on pounds of makeup and
Take hours on my hair, but who am I
fooling. No one is going to care

They will all laugh and say who is she
Kidding. No one wants to be with her
She’s trying so hard to be pretty
But everyone can see thats just not meant
to be
So when will I give up and just accept the ugly girl
who is me..

This post was submitted by Britt.

When Memories Flutter

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I turn the page and try to write
but the pen won’t move
memories flood my mind
as if i were drowning
emotions rage
and shames comes through,
like a brick wall
I am surrounded
but is this real or only my imagination
Coast is clear as I take a shot
the picture is not what I want
though it is as if my heart were racing,
pounding and heavy all at once
something catches my eye although it has been months
The pen begins to move, but i begin to shake
it’s as if something is moving my arms uncontrollably
something doesn’t want me to let go of the pen
I grasp it tighter and tighter
and heavy pain fills my chest
and I start to sob saying:
“why me why me oh God?”
it all ends and i am alone in this room
with a paper and pen
thinking to myself it will be all over soon.

This post was submitted by Jackie Mena.

Why Am I So Alone………

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Why am I so alone?

When I hear you as a far strong melody

Life so beautiful in your presence

I feel secure in your memories

Pleasantly enjoying the moment

Fears and mere ghostly fears

Afraid of the present

Sinking close into oblivion

Halting, pausing moments

Makes me glad everything you do

I dip myself alone

Actions you do depress

Still, with love I seek

Moments next with me,

Awaiting anxious to share

Sweet moment’s sweet memories

Here and there after.

This post was submitted by Vinutha HM.

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