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The sky is dark and cloudy
yet no rain falls
on my heart
to ease the scorching pain

I am bleeding
yet nobody notices
for how much longer can i be silent
I wonder how nobody can see
when I’m bleeding so freely

I need to open up
but i’m scared
How do i do it

It’s so hard
I am grounded
My wings are made of stone
yet i need to
I need to be free
free of the guilt
of the hurt
of the pain

Sometimes i wish memories were somthing physical
somthing you could tackle with force
not to have to struggle with in my own mind
I used to be safe in my own head
How i wish i could still say i am
But too much has happened
things that can never be erased
never be forgotton
never be fixed

How can i live another day through the pain
It clouds my vision
How much longer can i go on
everythings okay

This post was submitted by Kayla Zantow.

Everything changes

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Wish this life would come to an end.
i miss how everything used to be.
like when boys had cooties.
and when drama,
was someone stealing your crayons.
now that everything is changing,
i need to wake up and realize
its coming to an end.

Look around,
everything is changing.
you and me.
the music we listen to.
our relationship with each other.
maybe we should change,
with the world too……..

This post was submitted by Caitlyn Blakely.

Ocean View

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While I lie wake in my bed,
Thousands of thoughts fill through my head,
Stressing about the next days to come,
But over my thoughts, there is a gentle hum,
It sways through my body and soul,
Washing away thoughts while it rolls,
Its gentle rhythmic beat,
Slowly sweeps me off my feet,
Soon I’m floating on a sea of glass,
And entering into a dark pass,
When I open my eyes,
I’m in my bed where I lie,
Still looking at the ocean view.

This post was submitted by Celina.

Every night…

DownUp +1

Every night I go to bed
Thinking of all that’s done and said
If I had just one wish to get back the lost part of me
I’d take you back in time and make you see
I’m not what you’re mistaking me to be
You and me together is all I wanna see
Baby I know you don’t wanna hear
But all I do right now is swear
that I never meant to hurt you
Never see you cry
How is it that you don’t see
How much I try??

This post was submitted by princess.

I want you to know

DownUp +1

I want you to know,
that i saved all those IMs

When my parents were fighting,
throwing things and words back and forth

I was crying in my closet,
looking at those IMs

They were the only things that kept me going
that made me smile

But then I got one IM
i never wanted to see

“we should just stay friends”

I shouldn’t have been surprised when i saw it
But even for you, that was low.

This post was submitted by Kristen.

Kiss Me, Kill Me.

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Kiss me, kill me
Leave me to die.
Don’t ever look back,
not in my eye.
Because all you will see,
is your broken destiny.
All the despair
that burns the night’s air.
So now i must say,
My death is today.

This post was submitted by Nita Clemente.

One of Those Days

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Just like everyother day.
Unbarable frustration.
Could it be any other way?
Constant loss of concentration,
Loosing track of words and work.
Everything far and distant.
Trying not to be a jerk.
Getting the past mixed with the present.
Nothing is going right.
The day’s end comming ever so slow.
Looking forward to another sleepless night.

This post was submitted by Kayla Parker.

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