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Bury Me To Eternity

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Silence glow within the dark
As humility stumble with kindness
Sorrow is a malignant curse
That begins confusion and sadness

Devastated dreams and luck
Thoughts deceived by words
Intensely dropped broken hope
Pierced by countless swords

Destiny proclaims a mystery
A day so close and deep
Sun’s virtues were untold
To my ears are saved to creep

Blood rustle down my veins
Huge remorse to defeat and break
Hatred and guilt all follows
With this deep wound that you make

Relieve me now my dearest
In this tormented vanity
Give me touch of affection
And “Bury Me To Eternity”

This post was submitted by Pink Butterfly.


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Life and love
covered with gloves
so you cant see the scars
that could put someone behind bars
but it was you
you saved me from myself
he saved me all by himself

Are you ok? he asked
so i took off my mask
and showed him the real me
showed him all that i could be
this was the real me wasn’t it?
it is hard to admit
but i am not sure
i think i need a cure.

This post was submitted by kiara.

Why Do people Not Understand

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i dont judge books by their cover,
nor do i judge boys by looks,
all that matters is whats on the inside.
why cant people understand i love him.
so let us be.
day by day, every one says, you can do better then him.
why cant you let us be
why do people not understand that i love him, so let us be.

This post was submitted by Rebekah.

The Vanished Rythm

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Listening the rythm pumping in my veins,
Throughout my body, the flow of it no longer remains.
It’s cold, dusk is appearing on the other side
Of life. What is it that I see?
A black line lying on the edge of the sea
Surrounded by a fading light and shade
Which cuts this image as a sharp blade.
Distorting my sight, confusing my mind,
What is it I’m supposed to find?
The rythm is left behind.

This post was submitted by Mervet Ziane.

The FEVER of 1793

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The fever came and started slow.
Only to end with the falling slow.
It started August 17, 1793.
It ended in December with the same memory.
This disease took the lives of many families.
It couldn’t be stopped even with the many remedies.
The town of Philadelphia no longer existed.
Except quiet allies and the crying that persisted.
Tears fell, while the bodies piled.
Everyone ran if only for a mile.
All the faces on the people were red.
Their eyes were swollen and nothing was said.
Robbers came into the houses of others.
They stole what wasn’t theirs from children without mothers.
People were running from the pain and sadness.
In hopes of forgetting and to stop all the madness.
Children without parents were running the streets.
With no place to stay and nothing to eat.
The strong people that were well enough to walk.
Helped the weak that were not well enough to talk.
The lost, the lonely, and the afraid.
Had no place to go and were too sick to stay
The ones still alive lived with the pain.
With the memory of the happening, and the time that it came.
It took their friends, sisters, and brothers.
Made them fear life, and the voices of others.
This is the fever that overtook a city.
Destroyed many lives and left others with pity.
The fever came without a limit.
Now it’s silent, if only for a minute.

This post was submitted by ashlee mefferd.

Sticks and Stones

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Sticks and stones may break my bones,
but you’re the one who hurt me,
You’ve changed me in so many ways.
Im not the person I used to be.

Sticks and stones may break my bones,
but you haunt me in my dreams.
You’re the one that proved to me,
not everything is what it seems.

So, sticks and stones may break my bones,
But they will never kill me.
They will never break my heart,
like you did so carelessly.

This post was submitted by Brittney Berrocales.


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As I look out the window
I envy the sun’s bright glow
The sky so clear and blue
The color painted in me too

The cloud puffy and white
The sky almost lost in sight
It’s like a shadow
That covers ones sorrow

The sun’s shine is blocked
It’s rays forcing out
I want to be free
from feeling this empty

The gentle breeze softly blows
The trees sway as it follows
My hope is blown away
It fades from day to day

The birds gracefully glide in the sky
Together they land and then they fly
It was me and my friends through thick and thin
It seems it’s just me left here in the dim

It is a beautiful day
I should be merry and gay
I hope the clouds would pour rain
It matches more to this pain.

This post was submitted by madeline.

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