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DownUp +123

Pain begins to grow inside,
my already broken heart.
Salty tears can no longer hide,
as my insides rip apart.
My heart pounds madly in my chest,
tears still sting my eyes.
My mind seems it will never rest,
I doubt it even tries.
I watch the blade glint in the light,
and my terror goes away.
My mind desperately tries to fight,
but the urge is here to stay.
I long to see my blood flow,
as the razor slices skin.
I’d like to watch all this pain go,
and see my troubles end.
My heart beats even faster now,
as the cold blade touches skin.
I cannot even picture how,
my life came to an end.
Yet my choice is already made,
as my blood begins to spill.
I close my eyes and drag the blade,
it seems against my will.
I smile and lay back on the bed,
and very deeply sigh.
And every thought entered clears my head,
as I whisper my last goodbye.

This post was submitted by tears of blood.

All I Do

DownUp +12

I need him like…
the homeless needs a shelter.
I’m feeling him…like
He’s under my skin.
I cherish him like…
I’m so sentimental.
I cry over him like…
he is that important.
I fend for him like…
like he is my responsibility.
This whole poem…is “I”
Pondering at the simple fact like..
what does he do?
That question goes unanswered like…
it’s pleading the 5th.
only if this wasn’t just a poem…
the confirmed fact is that this is a true situation.
so congrats…because i just stated my emancipation

This post was submitted by Sheron J..


DownUp +10

I am tired and weak, crippled and mourned
I can not take the pressure upon me much more
My body is alive but my heart is torn
It lives as a half without a part of its own
The exhaustion of the pain that can no longer be cured
Causes It to grieve for attention that is never to be heard.
The beats and the thumps of the groaning sounds is the only possible way for the half to be found.
Broken, shattered into thousands of pieces
Damaged the situation but excited the deceives
In a family of five they never took the time
To realize what was happening to the poor girl inside.
Behind her innocent eyes that were filled with only lies
Was a key that unlocked the mystery guide
The key lead to a place that had never been discovered
Just like herself when she heard a thump that relieved not only her, but also one other.

This post was submitted by Chelsea.

Lost Love

DownUp +18

My dear sweet love
why have you gone?
I see you there,
but not for long.

My heart cries out for only you
I need my friend,
my lover too…

what happened to you?
You’re never there,
you look away
but I still stare.

Sitting here now wondering why,
you left me so empty, used up, and dry.

My life is in pieces
my heart is too,
why didn’t God pick me for you…

This post was submitted by Kristen.


DownUp +17

The warmth and beauty of sunrise
Reminds me of your disguise
To these chocking words that I concede
Confused if goodbye is what I need

Every time I think of this each sleepless night
Makes me loose my sense of wrong and right
Even though I try so hard darling
I always end up in my suffocating room crying

How could a plain and simple girl like you
Makes me fall in love so deep
How could everything you do
Makes it so hard for me to breathe

I should have known this wasn’t real
And let you know the pain I feel
Was it a mistake to make you my star
‘Cause I ended up tending these undying scars

I wanna throw away this life I led
And be asleep forever on my bed
For I am nothing but a mess of a dreamer
With the nerve to miss your voice so tender

Gazing back to the beauty of the sunrise
Where there, my past hope lies
Waiting for another life reason to rise
Wanting to find another meaning of that sunrise

This post was submitted by Wishmaker619.

Why Can’t I

DownUp +13

Why can’t I just be a bird
That reaches up to the sky
Looking down to all the views
And always free to fly.

Why can’t I just be the sun
That warms the summer day
Giving light to all of us
Even on gray winter’s day

Why can’t I just be a tree
That bestows us pleasant shade
Bequeathing fruits or lovely flowers
That never seemed to fade

Why can’t I just be a baby
Who’s as innocent as can be
Bereft of anguish, problems and anxiety
Like the one you gave to me

Why can’t I stop missing you
Why can’t I end up longing for you
Why can’t I cease myself to cry
Why can’t I just say goodbye

This post was submitted by Fiona.

Stuck in the water log

DownUp +6

I am stuck in the water log
lost and tired
still in pain
and cant move on
waters growing
I just can’t breathe
suffocating and bored
is all i feel

Pull me out
I am in fear
I can’t cry
but still in tears
blood stains all over i cant escape
trying to regret
for all my mistakes
shouldn’t have come here
to get the curse

I wish i could survive
just for some while
to pray to the God
who i had forgot

This post was submitted by proxy.

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