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I want to smile

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I don’t want to cry today
I don’t want to feel like my heart is dying
I just want to be a normal person again
I want to smile

I don’t want to be this sad anymore
I don’t want to cry today
I just want to get away from this life
I want to find my biggest fear

I don’t want to hate my life
I don’t want to bleed from the knife
I just want a cheerful life again
I want to be happy in this house

I don’t want to feel this pain
I don’t want to go insane
I just want to be normal again
Can I be happy Now?

This post was submitted by Alexandria Wine.

The Final Goodbye

DownUp 0

He sits there head in his hands; still and unmoving.
Pain pushing him down like a huge weight.
The tears fall down silently like summer rain as he replays the scene.
Many questions are asked but the what ifs never matter.
How can life be so cruel? He wonders.
It never made you stronger, just more susceptible to fear.
He cries up to the stars wishing for just one more chance,
Even though he knows the heavens have made their call.
His soul bows as he whispers a delayed goodbye,
Maybe I’ll join you my friend,
Only in a better life… in a better life.

This post was submitted by Celina.

Today Without Tomorrow

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I might as well be a good actor,
Pretending that I’m fine.
But who would know everyday I’m weaker,
Sometimes think of suicide.

The scars on my arm reminds me of the pain,
The hurt inside my heart still remains …
Lots of question going through my head,
Day and night you drove me to death …

From this minute counted to ten,
I’m going to have this sorrow …
You will never see me again,
Because without you I will not have tomorrow …

This post was submitted by Sam.

Here, There, No Where.

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There’s no place left for me
Here, there, anywhere.
Just so much despair
Here, there, everywhere.
No one to love
Here, there, over there.
Because I lost a piece of you
Here, there, somewhere
Which means I lost a piece of me
Here, there, no where…

This post was submitted by Nita Clemente.

This is it

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You thought it was funny,
You thought it was a game
Our friendship is not true, and,
We have you to blame

You lied about everything,
Between you and I,
You even lied, about doing my guy.

I would have put up more of a fight,
but, I thought we were sisters.
I thought we were tight

All those things, you pretended to be.
With thanks to dope,
Your true colors I see.

It’s really too bad, you really dont care.
I’ll say I was hurt and it wasn’t fair.
But, none of that matters I must say.

Our friendship ends here,
Because of your twisted ways.

This post was submitted by carol moore.

Who Cares Enough

DownUp +1

We push people away
to see who cares enough to fight back
We put on a mask
to see who cares enough to find out what’s wrong
We lie
to see who cares enough to look for the truth
And we change
to see who cares enough to search for the reason ‘why’

But when no one cares enough,
we sink into a deep depression-
only to awaken when a single person asks ‘what’s wrong?’

This post was submitted by -melo.

It’s End Now

DownUp 0

You have brought me to my knees.
Time and time again I’ve tried ending you.
How could you do this to me?
Destroy me.
I no longer feel alive; therefore,
you have killed me.
I walk this earth against my will.
Mentally gone–yet physically here.
I have not seen my heaven..
I probably did not deserve one.
I’ve grown mad and tired of your games.
It ends here.
It ends now.

This post was submitted by Megan.

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