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Old man has gone

DownUp +2

Old man lies in bed
thinking about the past

Old man sits in bed
wondering where it all went wrong

Old man looks outside
watching the world go by

Old man cries himself to sleep
because he is all alone

Old man lifts his cup
struggling to take a sip

Old man drops his cup
Old man has gone

This post was submitted by rebecca smith.

Return of the Knight

DownUp +1

Sorry for all the times that I was distant,
Its just I’m scared my family will be non-existent,
The partings come and go so fast,
I’m loosing all my precious past.

My memories now have crashed and burned,
And all my closest people have turned,
But why would you leave someone you loved?,
Bleeding to the kids like a sick dove.

No regrets, no remorse,
Just ‘sign the papers’, and a silent divorce,
Once upon a time, they were that knight and princess,
Makes me wonder what is this whole mess.

Maybe it was me who had parted,
And the reason the people darted,
I just wish upon the wise moons,
To regain a figure that will heal my wounds.

‘Return of the knight’, I quote,
Why cant this happen I note,

Wishing for the same memories,
But to forget all those enemies.

This post was submitted by Kelly Allchin.

I can only bow my head and weep

DownUp +3

As the tears begin to seep
through and around my eyes
it comes as no surprise
that I have begun to weep

The tears roll down my face
with an unusual amazing grace
as my face become a place
of bitter sorrow full of disgrace

I want to ask “God take me from here”
but just as I’ve feared
he can not hear
for I am much to weak
I can not speak
I can only bow my head and weep

This post was submitted by Nickolas C. Kinnett.

How Can A Caged Bird Sing?

DownUp +4

How can a caged bird sing?
Behind bars of gold and brass;
With no perch of its own.
Here it sings a low sweet song,
How can a caged bird sing?
Locked away and out of sight;
No longer free to take flight.
Here it sings low and sweet,
How can a caged bird sing?
Looked at by many, but loved by few;
Here in this cage singing a song that is so true.
Singing low and sweet,
How can a caged bird sing?
With no care in the world;
And, no love of its own.
This sweet loving birds sings to you alone,
How can a caged bird sing?
Oh, how the caged bird sings.

This post was submitted by Lizzy.

You were only a dream

DownUp +2

At night when I dream,
You are all I dream about,
The guy I want,and hope you are,

The one thats meant for me,
No matter how hard I dream,
No matter how much I want you to be,

Every morning when I wake up,
I realize that you were only a dream,
and that it was never meant to be.

This post was submitted by Brooke.

He loves me not

DownUp +6

He loves me, he loves me not
for him to leave would take all I’ve got
I try to be patient while i silently plea
cos he’s the one who means the world to me
as all the petals take their shot
the last petal falls….he loves me not

This post was submitted by Bridget.

Demon within

DownUp +2

Everyone has a key,
A key into my mind,
They turn the key,
And they search,

They find my weakness,
And use it against me,
Why would they want to do that?
Do they want to destroy me?

Then they find it,
They find the demon within me,
For so long it was locked away,
Locked away in a cage,

Now that that cage is open,
The demon is unleashed,
They let it out,
And it won’t go back in,

No one can tame the beast,
Not even I,
But this demon, this beast,
This monster won’t back down,

I am the monster,
I am the beast, the demon,
Someone needs to get that cage,
And lock the demon away forever.

This post was submitted by Tara.

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