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My Rose

DownUp +4

By nights long slumber
Never heeding my aching sorrow
Once again alone in nights cold clutch
Been so stupefied by emotion
Sight limited by clouding fear
Liquid runs down smooth but rocky cheeks
Self proceeds to wrongs rights
Voices commencing their anguish
Others their loath

Day by sun, night by moon
Neglecting their beautiful shine for me
Darkness swallows, and tastes bitter
Sewn eyes stay locked closed
Free eyes closed from hurt
Set my heart to flames
Then Dance in its painful light
Listen to it sizzle
And smile in delight

But is that who you are?
My wilting rose
Blossoming but again I cut your stem
How long will it be till your petals plunge?
Can I save what I nearly killed?
Everything’s more beautiful in their natural belonging
But is it you
My rose…
That belongs in nature or inside
In nature you fight the seasons
Inside you are free
Inside I can see you, hold you and care for you
Outside I can only visit
But is that what you want my beautiful flower?

In reality one deserves what one gets
No matter what they are or who they are
Whether you are the flower
Or the scissors that cut it
How many more years will it be the flowers will keep forgiving?
Or maybe they never forgave and we keep cutting

This post was submitted by joel.


DownUp +7

Now the pain has ended.
And I can only feel the worries of life creeping up to my dreams.
Those dreams that have become nightmares.
Nightmares that are no more than reality.

I have been told I act like him.
Is this true?
Will I end up like him?
The father he was to me but the father he isn’t.
Will I walk out on my family’s dreams? Only to be seen in their nightmares.

The tears stopped rolling down my cheeks.
The happiness is gaining acceptance in my cold life.
But the sorrow remains.
Not only for the tears.
For the memories I have wasted on no memories at all.

This post was submitted by aliya age:12.

Secrets and lies

DownUp +14

Secrets and lies look where the lead us
Sharing our deepest fears to people we don’t trust
The holes getting deeper yet I continue down
Waiting for the moment everything overwhelms me and I can drown

I always make things worse and each time I break away a piece of my soul
Now i am all drained and stuck in reality everything’s out of control
Cautious and wary I can’t decide one form another
Am I that stupid to be fooled by their masks?

How could I say the things I have I should have told them straight
I won’t survive in no-man’s land i am going to crumple beneath the weight
Go to a distant place where nothing matters and no one knows
Until tomorrow when I do it all again we must wait to see what the outcome shows

This post was submitted by AC2.

Losing Fast

DownUp +9

Falling Down,
Nothings Right,
Losing Fast,
Dark as Night,
Can’t Wish My Way,
Out Of Here,
Nothings Okay,
I Shed a Tear,
Screaming Loudly,
I Look Down,
Seeing My Life,
On The Ground,
I’m Going Nowhere,
Losing Fast,
Because of The Regrets,
Of My Past.

This post was submitted by Hunter Fitchko.

I thought I was smart

DownUp +5

I thought I was ugly
Until he said I was beautiful
I thought I was dumb
But he said I was brilliant
I thought I was worthless
He said diamonds don’t even to begin to hold your value
I thought I was weird
He said you fit in tighter than a too-small shoe

I thought I was smart
Until I heard that he was lying

This post was submitted by kc.

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